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Message 121688

Our Saint describes God's feelings when He made man, and why we moved away from Him.  God does not send angels of light to fool us.  A lengthy talk is given on UFO's, abductions, and the nature of the little gray aliens.

  • God's feelings when he made man

  • Angels of Light

  • UFO's, abductions and the nature of the little gray aliens.

  • We are enslaved by our dogma, our religion and our laws

  • Comments on the Russians and the earthquake

  • Israel

  • Religion and laws

  • We are each connected to thousands of people

Two Tape Album



Message 122388

St. Therese` gives us the story, the real story, of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  • The real story of Jesus

  • Mt. Orab and the Essences

  • The prophet Arkos

  • Preparation for the coming

  • Anna and Jockman

  • Martha

  • Mary's life as an Essence

  • Joseph

  • The Birth of Jesus

  • The Three Kings

  • Jesus in Egypt, Syria and India

  • The true time and date of the birth of Christ

Two Tape Album


Message 123088

  • Changes & Challenges
  • Bad Habits
  • True meaning of the Lord's Prayer (Our Father)
  • Morals of the home
  • Prayers are working
  • 1988 Is 1995
  • Aids 5-10 years from now.

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St. Therese' channels through Patricia Mischell at the Louisville Kentucky conference.  

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