One Tape Album


Message 081288

St. Theresť explains why she came back to the earth at this time.  She speaks to the sorrowful and to those who are discouraged.

  • Why St. Therese` is here
  • Speaks to the sorrowful & discouraged
  • God's word is simple and easy
  • Truth
  • Channeling
  • Your mind will trick you
  • Teachings of God

One Tape Album


Message 081988

St. Theresť teaches more about God.  She explains how Jesus confronted darkness and what that means to each of us.  We judge ourselves and create our own devils.

  • Teachings on God & Jesus

  • We judge ourselves & create you own devils

  • Know God more than anything

  • Our Angels

  • Strength

  • Great changes are coming for the world

  • God gives us warnings before it is too late

One Tape Album


Message 090288

St. Theresť shares with us insights on how to communicate with God.  She teaches us not to beg for what we want and why every prayer should be ended with "So be it"

  • How we can communicate with God

  • Teaches us not to beg for what we want

  • Why every prayer should be ended with "So be it."

  • Why St. Theresť came to the earth at this time

  • Be a friend to yourself first

  • Suicide

  • The future of religion

  • We all have children in the spirit would

One Tape Album



Message 092388

St. Theresť teaches us how we are very hard on ourselves.  Each day that we awaken, we are truly a new person with a new beginning to our life.  God removes the past day when we sleep.  As the sun rises and touches us, we are a new person.  These teachings help us to let go and release our yesterdays with its fear and pain.

  • We are new people with new beginnings

  • God removes the past day when we sleep

  • We are to hard on ourselves

  • How to release fear and pain

One Tape Album


Message 093088

St. Therese` describes three kinds of angels who are with us to help us and to watch over us.  She gives advice about healing and well-being, and explains why different races have different skin colors.  The subject of war in the Middle East and a prophecy is given.  Religion has not been able to heal man.  Mankind is changing and will not listen to preachers of repentance.

  • Three kinds of angels

  • Advice on healing and well being

  • Why we have different races/skin colors

  • War in the Middle East

  • Prophecy

  • Mankind is changing


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