PatriciaChanneling.jpg (15270 bytes)A trance is nothing more then an altered state of consciousness.   When Patricia has been in a trance state she was in the highest of the altered states of consciousness.  It also is here she has the ability to reach a purer & deeper state of trance.   It is here in this deeper, altered state of consciousness that the purity of her information is given.  She is not able to add-to or color any of the material she receives because the personality of (Patricia Mischell) is not present during the time that Sister occupies her body.  She is in a "deep catatonic trance state"  There are only a few people in the world who are currently known to achieve this trance state. At the time of the deep trance, Patricia is utilizing the energies of the soul of Sister Theresť of Lisieux & Sister is attuned to Patricia's brain so that it can be used as a receiver.  The messages Sister gives to the world is food for life for those who are willing to partake of it. 
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When Sister speaks to you, she speaks the plain truth.  You who hear her words have the option of accepting it or not.  The material has been recorded with a live audience. 

These unedited messages are available to all who wish to illuminate their spiritual development.  The topics are exciting and varied.  You may view the list of topics in Sister Therese's Mall. Each taped message is exactly as it is received from Sister.  

An example of one tape 070188 on July 1, 1988 Sister Theresť encourages us to read the teachings of all great thinkers of the past.  She tells us how her messages can help all of us to change to be prepared for the future.  In this tape other topics include: Enlightenment, Pray with feeling, Give time to God, Our overindulged children, We must teach virtues, What we think manifests & Pollution must stop.

Ask yourself this questions. "Do I really want to know the truth aboutAud.jpg (12988 bytes) man's existence, the soul and its purpose, and life after death?"  Sister has the answer.  Some of her answers won't always make you happy.  But, you always will know that what she says is the truth. 


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