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St. Theresa The Little Flower

Author, Sr. Gesualda of the Holy Spirit has written this enlightening story of Sister Theresa's life.  The story of this young Carmelite nun has won world-wide fame.  The readers of such a fascinating life are inspired to imitate her simple way of love and perfection - her efficacious key to sanctity. 

Thousands of souls have received favors through the intercession of this "Patroness of the Missions"  who promised to shower petals of roses on everyone.  


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Message 070188

St. Theresť encourages us to read the teachings of all of the great thinkers of the past.  She tells how her messages can help us to change and be prepared for the future.

  • Read the Teachings of the Great Teachers
  • Change and Preparation for the Future
  • Pray with Feeling
  • Teach Virtues
  • Give Time to God
  • Overindulged Children
  • What We Think Manifests
  • Pollution Must Stop

One Tape Album



Message 070888

St. Theresť describes herself as a messenger.  The Prayer of Peace is given, and all are encouraged to say it daily for the world.  God takes care of those who truly need, for we all are survivors.  She gives us some prophecy of events to come.

  • Welfare
  • Don't be deceived by politicians
  • The oceans, ozone, and the weather
  • Terrorism
  • The Iranian airliner incident
  • AIDS
  • Who is teaching your children?

One Tape Album



Message 071588

St. Theresť shares some details of the apparition and events at Fatima, Portugal on May 16, 1916.  Our Saint promised that Mary will one day appear at the Positive Living Center.

  • The sun's cosmic rays
  • Today's earth changes- heat, air, and rain
  • Preparations are important
  • God's way is easy and simple
  • Do not attach to the earth.

One Tape Album


Message 072288

Our Saint continues her teachings about God: who He is, where He is, and what He looks like.

  • Inside of yourself are the answers to all things.

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • You need to have hope to stay alive

  • Tomorrow is wonderful, but we must adapt to change.

  • Apparitions of the Blessed Mother to come


One Tape Album


Message 072988

St. Theresť teaches about faith in God, and tells us faith cannot be known by the mind.  When you have faith in God, miracles can happen to you.

  • How can sister cry out of one eye?
  • Ten dimensions of God within us
  • Economic Prophecy for the next three years 1988-1990
  • Pray for the children
  • Hugs, flowers, laughter
  • Prayer of Peace

One Tape Album


    Message 080588

St. Theresť speaks more on the earth changes which are now under way and will continue.  This is a time of cycles and changes.

  • Earth Changes

  • Cycle change

  • Solar Flares & drought

  • Prepare for shortages

  • Aids

  • Prophecy to pray on

  • How the earth cleanses itself

  • Enlightenment explained

  • God speaks to you in your dreams

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