One Tape Album


Message 111188

Our Saint encourages us to cleanse our bodies and to improve our fitness.  Be careful of what you put into your body and into your mind.  Create a beautiful temple inside of you.


  • Cleanse your bodies and improve fitness.

  • What you put into your body and mind.

  • The Temple inside of you.

  • Our prayers changed a world event

  • China:  The drought and foreign aid

  • Sit in the silence- more prophecy

  • Why we experience evil

  • God is not religious

  • Beware of Russia & Cuba

  • Prophecy

  • Do not attach to the things of the earth

One Tape Album


Message 111888

Sister teaches about the brotherhood of man and asks us to change now.  She asks us all to spread the message of hope throughout the world.

  • Brotherhood of man

  • Spread message of hope

  • Sister speaks to a child with leukemia

  • The next five years are crucial

  • Pray for Russia

  • Economic predictions for 1989

  • Why Russia wants disarmament

  • Each morning is a new life for each of us

One Tape Album


Message 112588

Sister shares insights about ourselves and about God.  She experienced the same tribulations as us when she was in the earth.  Russia is discussed in regard to our foreign aid and the extent of their weapons.

  • God does not want people to fear Him

  • Requirements for spiritual enlightenment

  • Caution regarding the U.S. economy

  • Use discretion in who you follow

  • How the Prayer of Peace will change the world

  • Everything is magnetized

  • Change your attitude and eat lighter

One Tape Album


Message 120288

Sister Theresť talks about some of the dramatic changes that are occurring on the earth and how we need to make changes to cope with them.  Advice is given on meditation, values, and how to care for the sick, especially those with AIDS.

  • Dramatic earth changes and how to cope

  • Advice on values

  • Meditation

  • The sick and Aids

  • Eliminate negatives from your mind

  • Healers

  • Hospitals & changes

  • Eating meat creates fear and anxiety

  • Life in the spirit world

One Tape Album


Message 120988

Sister speaks of Christmas and how the pagans celebrated the rebirth of the earth at this time.  More teachings of God are given including the Sermon on the Mount.  What we say, think, and feel determines what will happen to us.  This is natural law.

  • The earthquake in Armenia

  • Pray for the U.S.  specific cities are mentioned.

  • Your body can take on a new birth in a few moments.

  • A warning is given for 1990

  • Insects coming to Florida

  • Other prophecies given

  • The Prayer of Peace is magnetized to create change


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