aint Theresé takes a close look at the records of the events in Jesus' life, the church and she gives us a common sense look at a realm in which there is nothing lukewarm where we teeter between the angelic and the evil side of life.  Saint Theresé discusses the mysterious,  prophecies, religion, dreams & visions and so much more.  She will impress you with her originality and congeniality.  Therese will speak to your deepest self and convince you of your value in spite of your limitations.  You will come away from her talks with the realization that you can please God. 

In hearing Theresé talk (and reflecting on her thoughts), you will get the distinct feeling that she is reading your soul and understands you like no one else.  In reflecting upon her you will travel with Theresé and find her to be an intimate companion on your life's journey.

Revolutionaries, actors, musicians, scholars, murderers, artists and even Catholic Bishops have had their lives transformed by this Saint.  More than anything else, the common person will find hope, courage, and faith in this Saint who overcame temptations of despair and suicide while discovering an unshakable joy and zest for life which we all need so desperately.

Often our lives at times seem complicated.  Even our spirituality at times becomes confused.  St. Theresé with her childlike trust in God loved him with all of her heart & soul.  This faith deepened as her life took detours and became darker than she ever imagined.  Sister's prayer was a simple, heartfelt and bold one.  She prayed from her heart.  So often we on the earth have fancy rituals and prayers made up for us that we repeat on a daily basis.  Her prayers reflected the heart of the child that she was.  Saint Theresé, throughout her hundreds of messages challenges us to come home to our heart, where God dwells--and to trust the Spirit of Jesus who lives within each of us. She asks us to listen carefully to ourselves.  Yes, she says, life has it's way of disappointing us.  We no longer believe our dreams will come to pass.  We often wallow in the depths of our own miserable disillusionments.  During St. Therese's very short life, she experienced that darkest  night of the soul.  Yet, she continued to believe.  St. Therese's life was not what she expected it to be.  She felt a calling to be a priest, but she was denied.  She felt the call to be a missionary and she wanted to do great things for the world.  Yet none of the things she wanted to do came to pass.  Yet, this did not dampen her spirit.  Sister always believed that God was working mysteriously in all the frustrations she experienced.  No matter how much pain & illness limited her from doing what she wanted to do, she always believed that God's grace was refining her surrender to the God while working in marvelous and powerful ways through love and not just through our deeds.  During St. Therese's complex life in the earth she continued to believe in God's love affair even in her winter of discontent.  I believe her messages will assist us in achieving that faith as we get caught up in the pain of our own betrayed hearts.  Listen to Theresés lessons of springtime hope that is so simple even a child can understand.

In the book Conversations with Celine it says, "I was reading a passage on the happiness of heaven to my little patient, Sister Theresé, and she interrupted me, saying: "That's not what attracts me..." "What then?" I asked:  "Oh! It's Love! To love, to be loved, and to return to the earth to make love loved..."   And another time Celine said to her sister, Theresé, "I said to her one day you will look at us from up there in heaven, right?"  Sister Theresé replied spontaneously: "No, I shall come down!"

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