Does Patricia Mischell Really
Channel a 19th Century Nun?
The Story in her own words
by New Lifestyles Editor, Suzanne Collins
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Sitting with Patricia Mischell, practicing psychic and Director of the Positive Living Center in Hartwell, discussing the recent reports that she has become a "channel" for another being, one gets the impression that she is, first and foremost, in deep wonder at it all.

At the same time, it is just the most recent of many remarkable events in the life of this unusual woman.  She discusses these events matter-of-factly.  Here, in a nutshell, is her story:  

"I had my first Sunday School attendance certificate at three; I'd go to church with anyone and everyone - any church.  This was the hills of West Virginia, and I can remember the Holy Rollers handling snakes.  I was baptized into many churches while still a child."

"At five, when I still lived on the mountain I tried to carry a full bucket of water from the spring, spilled too much of it and was spanked by my uncle.  Afterwards, as I lay in bed, crying, I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful man sitting at the foot of my bed.  I thought to myself, "This is what Jesus must look like, and the man said to me, "Stop crying.  You will never be alone; I will always be with you."

"I saw him again when, at age eleven, while having my tonsils and adenoids removed, I left my body and he was there.  At fifteen, desperately lonely, as I had been working since I was ten, had no father, and my mother was distant, I tried to commit suicide. Coming out of un- consciousness, the man came to me again.  It seemed like he pushed my head toward a container of water, and when I saw my reflection, it had on a nun's habit.  He said to me, "you will not need to attend school; we will teach you all you need to know."

"I became a Catholic and entered a convent.  Since then, I've studied many subjects, but had no formal schooling.  In the 70's I developed rheumatoid arthritis, from which I gradually recovered.  During this period I was part of a meditation group which included my new husband.  In one session, I lost consciousness and a voice came through me which he identified as that of his now-dead wife.  When I came to, I felt very uncomfortable and decided I didn't want to be used as a medium.  However, at another meditation a new woman had joined our group, and another voice came following the death of my husband.  I was asked to set down some goals, and I wrote 'I would like to have a ministry'.  

The next day I heard a voice  through me, which turned out to be that of her son, who had  recently been killed in a crash, saying, 'Mom, it wasn't me driving the car!'  I had to take steps to deter these uninvited spirits."

I found a school, the Arthur Ford School For Mediumship, that actually taught me ways to recognize this sort of thing coming on, and how to avoid being overtaken by it.  For some time, nothing of the kind occurred."

"The following year, 1976, we had a prayer group for world peace and bible study, called The Table of the Lord.  At the end of each session we would hold hands and meditate.  In one meditation I became very sleepy and pictured myself in a beautiful garden, heading toward a white bench.  That was all I remembered when I came out of what I thought was a meditation and was told I had been unconscious and that a voice had come from me, saying it was that of a Sister Theresa De Lisieux, a Catholic Saint who had been a French nun in the last century.  My friends had it on tape."

"The voice was very different from my own and lightly accented.  She had come, she said, to bring a message of hope to a troubled world, and she had assured the others that I would not be harmed by the experience.  She added that it was of no importance that others knew of it, but to feel free to record the messages.  She also said that whenever she came, I would always cry out of one eye, as a symbol."

"I investigated Saint Therese and found she had been know as "The little Flower", and  had inhabited a Carmelite nunnery until her death in 1987, at the age 24, after a lingering case of tuberculosis.  In her last days she had spoken of her desire to influence 'from the other side', She had shown good cheer throughout her agony, and had wished to strew roses throughout the world."

"She came through me, spontaneously, on occasions over the next year, and I was directed to take the McGrane's Adventures in Attitudes course, to get help with planning  my life my life following the death of my husband.  I was asked to set down some goals, and I wrote  'I would like to have a ministry'.  The next day I heard from a woman who had gotten a certificate of ordination from Columbus.  So, I drove up to the Town Hall in Columbus, walked in, and said, 'I want to open a church.'

The clerk  handed me a form on which I wrote the names of my then nonexistent board of directors, and put the ministry together on the spot." 
"The Sister named my ministry "The House of Hope," and she has been deeply involved in the development of the project.  Her messages were kept private by our group until she stopped coming through in 1985.  

I had assumed her mission was accomplished until this summer, when I was sitting typing and I heard her voice, very loud, saying 'I'm coming through tonight'.  This was a Friday, when I held a session and gave  readings to large groups.  That night I warned the group not to be alarmed if they suddenly heard a strange voice coming from me, and I told them something about the Sister.  She didn't come through that night, but waited until the following Friday, explaining that I wasn't ready yet.  If my body is out of balance she will wait until it's better."

"Since she's been part of my life, I've been experiencing a gradual and marked growth of energy, at times enabling me to work seventeen hours a day.  People say I actually seem to be growing younger, and I have married a man fifteen years younger than myself.  he says I carry on conversations with the Sister at night in which she speaks in her language and I speak in English.  All I remember is that I've been with her in dreams."

"Sister has said I am not  to capitalize on her financially, so her part of the program is on a donation basis, allowing anyone to hear her.  The fee for the entire Friday evening is $10 and she comes through about 10 o'clock each time.  There have been healings and some have been relieved of the desire to smoke.  She will prophesize events and ask our intervention through prayer when she foresees crises.  So far, all the prophecies have been correct."

"Although Sister talks of God and Jesus, she says that mankind created religions and that none is better than another.  She often has us recite a prayer containing these words:  'Dear God, I believe in you, I adore you, I have hope and I love you."

"One night a member of the audience asked for a miracle as a sign of her authenticity.  Soon after, some of the children came in from the Sunday School room saying there was an unusual smell in there.  It was the strong scent of roses, coming from the tropical plants."


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