It's not a difficult decision to help people.  There are many in this world pray daily just for a meal.  Sometimes God answers those prayers through people like you or I.  Yes, you are an instrument to help those in need.   If you feel a calling to help others, Patricia Mischell has an outreach program in the Cincinnati area for "Feed the Hungry."  It is located in the Middletown, Ohio area and is run by one of her Ministers Louella Thompson.  It is here people can come and be clothed for free and be fed on a weekly basis.   If you would like to send donations to "Feed the Hungry," visit our Feed the Hungry page for information.

If you would like to donate to Sister Therese and her work You may either make your donation by phone (513) 563-1744 or you may send your donations to:  Hope Ministries "Sister Therese," 10999 Read Hartman Hwy, Suite 128A, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242.  Please make checks payable to Hope Ministries.



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