The Miracle of
The Weeping Poinsettia

It was during the Christmas holiday season Keith, (Patricia Mischell's husband) had purchased 20 large poinsettia plants to decorate the Positive Living Center.  The poinsettia's were arranged around the room to add the traditional holiday decor to the room.

During the evening St. Theresť was channeling through Patricia. Saint Theresť said to the audience that she was sending them a blessing.  Saint Therese did not state what the blessing was.  The audience looked around the room curious as to what the blessing was.

Pointsettia close-up.jpg (6727 bytes)The audience noticed an unusual fragrance of roses in the air.  This was December in Cincinnati Ohio and roses are dormant during winter there.  The scent was coming from a liquid that was seeping from the flowers on the poinsettia plants.  Poinsettia's are known for having no aroma because the flowers do not seep fluid.  Yet these poinsettia's were smelling of roses and weeping tears.  This was the blessing that Sister sent to the audience. 

Pointsettia1.jpg (11992 bytes)Saint Therese sends blessings through a single tear that appears only out of the left eye of Patricia Mischell.  To receive the blessings the recipient need only touch the tear and and say what they would like.  This day Saint sent many blessings to the audience.       

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Tears & Roses

If this story is too bizarre for you, one could not blame you.  It happened to me and it is still bizarre just to think of it.  While working for Patricia Mischell, I have been blessed to witness many events that I would have thought impossible. 

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miraclerose2.gif (82554 bytes)While working on St. Therese's section of Patricia Mischell's website, I took a short break to talk to a friend of mine.  We were talking in front of my home and I had glanced at a philodendra plant and noticed that there was something unusual on the underside of the leaf.  I took a closer look and found a small white object in the shape of a rose.  I inspected the underside of all of the leaves and found no more roses. 

When my husband came home that afternoon, I asked him to look at the rose.  He questioned if there were other roses on the plant.  I told him there where no other roses but he went back to check for himself.  I was stunned when he returned telling me that the plant was covered with the same rose shape object.

A few days later I was sitting on my front porch and noticed a constant steady drip coming from in front of my awning.  This was more than strange because there was nothing in front of the awning except the sky.  There also were no traces of water on the ground where liquid drops would have landed.  Then, from my vantage point on the porch, the droplets which appeared large were actually as small as a pin head close up.  The drip continued until approximately 6:15 p.m.

The following day I noticed this same dripping at 4:15 in the afternoon.  I told my husband to come and look at it and let me know what he thought.  After investigating he also was puzzled.  There was no beginning and no end to it.  The drops were coming from no where and dissipated before they reached the ground.

After thinking about this for a while, I wondered if the roses and the drops had some correlation to Sister Theresť.  I decided to call Patricia Mischell to hear her thoughts about  this.  She confirmed that it sounded like St. Theresť.  Patricia advised me to catch the drops because they were St. Therese's way of giving blessings and for me to say what I would like.  I told my husband what Patricia had said and he ran out and caught the last drop of the night. He made a request for our internet connection to work (it must have been a "man thing").  Our internet connection had not been working for approximately a week. After making his request, he promptly went into the house and tried to connect to the internet.  It worked!  He had tried to connect several times that day with no success. I can't say that my husband is a believer because he says "it isn't something you believe in, it is something that is a fact, something you know."  Now he says that he knows.

The following day, the "tear drops" fell for only an hour and were also witnessed by my friend and my husband.  We stood under the tear drops and requested blessings for our friends, families, neighbors, and animals.  I started to see evidence of Saint Therese's blessings the next day.  After receiving the blessings that evening I found yet another lost puppy and decided to take her to the Humane Society the following day.  This was an emotional decision for me but I had no other alternative. Because I'd  already adopted too many abandoned pets. 

Saint Theresť blessed me and the puppy the next morning because the puppy was adopted (before we even got to the front door of the Human Society) by people I would characterize was the perfect family. So, here it was less than 24 hours from when I made the request for help-with-the- animals and St. Theresť was already at work.

Saint Theresť had also blessed the family of a puppy named Max.  Max had two compound fractures of his leg and the family had spent $300 at the emergency veterinarian.  Max still needed surgery to the tune of $1,000.  The family adored their precious Max, but they were unable to pay the $1,000 dollars upfront.  They called me to see if I could help.  I phoned a list of Animal rescue agencies to see if they knew a veterinarian that would accept payments over time.  But no one helped.  I looked up in the sky and said "Little Flower show your power" (a saying a friend told me about) and instantly goose bumps traveled down my body.  I then called the organization Animals, Actors and Others explaining what was needed to be done.  Within two minutes arrangements were made with  a veterinarian.  The charge decreased from $1000 to $400 including neutering.  $1,000 lower than the original price.  That is a miracle!

Thanks to God and Saint Theresť, Max is on his way to healing and the family didn't have to go to the poor house.

I know in my heart and soul that it was Saint Theresť who guided me to work for Patricia Mischell.  Working for Patricia Mischell  has been a golden moment in my life.  But knowing her is truly a blessing from heaven.  There is no doubt in my mind that Saint Therese brings us closer to our Heavenly Father through her blessings and her love.  


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