April 2, 1990

Last night I, for the first time, met Patricia Mischell and Sister Therese of Lisiuex.  Or rather, I probably should say I first saw/ heard Patricia Mischell,  Then heard Sister Therese of Lisiuex speaking through the vocal cords of Patricia Mischell.

There is a metaphysical conference being held at the Quality Inn Lake View, Clarksville, Indiana, from March 29th through April 4th.  It is being sponsored by Holistic Philosophies of Louisville, Kentucky, Peter Moscow, Director.  Many experts in the general area of the paranormal are presenting lectures; among whom is the trans-medium.  Patricia Mischell form Cincinnati, Ohio.

Saturday and Sunday, March 31st and April 1st. I worked as a clairvoyant in the psychic fair sponsored by the Ark of the Light, New Albany, Indiana, at Days Inn in Louisville, Kentucky.  by the end of the two days I had given twenty-three readings.  i was quite tired and physically drained.

I decided to return to my apartment and rest for the rest of the evening and night.  Then I remembered, I had promised my friends Becky and Lee I would put in a appearance; I remembered reading that there was to be a trance-medium on the evening program.  I decided, it might be interesting to watch! I, although interested in several facets of the paranormal, had never witnessed a channeling session.  From the publicity in various magazines, TV, etc.  I have NOT been impressed with this activity. I had the impression that it primarily consists of male and female con artists pulling a very clever scam.  Frankly, I was not anticipating my opinion would be changed.

I arrived at the Inn at a bit after 6:30 p.m.; had dinner; met my friends and walked down the steps to the ballroom where the various lectures and demonstrations are being held.  The room was being prepared for the evening's demonstration; scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m.  The doors were closed.  A crowd of 450 was milling around in the hall.  Because I am crippled I kept on the outer fringes and sat for a while on the staircase steps.  I do not like to be in a large, milling group of people.  I decided not to go in.  I waited until about nine-tens of the group had entered the ballroom.  Another friend, who was working at the door had told me during dinner that she would reserve a seat for me.  I felt obligated to at least go in - for a few minutes.  She had marked an aisle seat on the fourth row, left section.  I met the husband and wife who were seated to my left.

Jim Bond, the MC, made several announcements and then introduced the trans-medium, Patricia Mischell.  She has a very pleasant personality; is attractive; and quickly had the rapt attention of her listeners.  She spoke for a few minutes about the trip from which she had returned but a few days earlier.  She told of having a large, heavy round ball of crystal energized in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  "What's that?!"  It would seem that everyone, other than myself knew the import of what she was saying.

She briefly narrated how she first came to know the Crystal Ball from Flip Wilson.  And, the avenues by which it came into her ownership.  "Interesting story."

After this preliminary, she told of her relationship to the spirit of Sister Therese of Lisiuex; that she would allow this departed spirit to talk through her body.  Then she went into a trance.

In perhaps three minutes a feminine, accented, older voice started greeting the audience.  As I am writing this on the evening of the 2nd I cannot recall the exact material she covered - but it was interesting.  (I will be able to recall it more completely in a few days; I bought a video tape of the demonstration.  I am sure I will play it many, many times.)

Approximately one-third the way through, Sister's voice suddenly said that one person in the audience would be receiving a special blessing.  (There was a pause) I am not sure of the exact words at this moment, but I am sure of the order of the presentation:  A man -- crippled ---with a cane (What???)  -- and his name is Jack.  (This can't be me!!  There must be another crippled Jack!!!)  I did not respond -- I waited.  There was a pause; the voice said, "Is Jack here?" No one else answered;  I said, "Yes.  I am here.  I was startled by the sound of my own voice!  Sister's voice told me that I would be called to the front; to her.  I waited.  The voice continued to speak of other predications for society.

I NEARLY missed being in the audience to answer this call.  My posterior was aching like a tooth ache.  The chairs are extremely uncomfortable; besides I had been seated for nearly the full day.  I decided to get up and walk out; I was hurting.  I raised slightly from the chair; then remembered that Mother had trained me to never make a public spectacle of myself.  Besides -  it would be the height of rudeness to interrupt the proceedings by a departure.  I waited with my discomfort.

Obviously - after the identification - my attention was riveted to the presentation.  Another portion went by.  sister's voice called my name once again;  I was directed to walk to the front.  I was instructed to lead the assembly in the recitation of a prayer of peace; to speak a phrase - then allow the listeners to repeat the words.  I received a card from a man's outstretched hand; turned to the shadowy faces; and mouthed the first line.  I paused.  The voices, as one, responded.  I quite literally felt an inward chill!

The next phrase -- another response -- throughout the full prayer.  I hope it does not sound too conceited to say:  I found a spiritual uplifting with the presentation.  I "felt" the words -- I was saying them clearly -- and quite audibly -- I did not seem to need a microphone.  Each person seemed to be hearing the words.

At the end of the prayer I was requested to move up onto the platform with Sister/ Patricia.  The height was too much for me.  Someone sought to hold me as I lifted; I stumbled and nearly fell.  suddenly another man's arms were holding to my left arm.  My cane and I managed to stand in front of the dual personalities.  Sister blessed me -- told me Mother was concerned by the condition at the base of my spine.  (True!)  I was the instructed to make the sign of the cross on the forehead of Patricia.  I did;  Then realized a Methodist had used the correct pattern - used by members of the Catholic church.

Twice my emotions nearly drowned me - once during the recitation of the prayer - and at the end of the marking.  I was barely able to contain myself.  I turned - the friendly arms were waiting for me - I stepped form the stage and returned to my now comfortable seat.  Never can I remember another time in my sixty-two years having the sense of rapture I was experiencing at that moment.

Throughout the remainder of the program, I looked intently at the seated physical body of Patricia.  For the very first time in my life I literally saw a pulsating purple energy field which surrounded her body.  it did not stop until the very end.

The demonstration, after a while came to smooth conclusion.  The lights over the audience were raised.  I could not move; I felt as a babe.  Suddenly I was surrounded by sympathetic faces, hugs, kisses, quiet blessings.  At least one hundred came to me.  Several said this had been a blessing for them.  I continued to talk with various people.  I left at 11:45; an entirely altered individual!

Today at the conference I shared; shared; shared; and shared over and over with the members.  many questioned me as to the legitimacy of the event.  (Perfectly understandable!) I stressed I had never met Patricia Mischell;  I truthfully did not know her name as I took my seat.  Who was/is Sister Therese of Lisiuex?  never heard of her.  Could I have been a "plant?"  No way! One strong bit of evidence is - not even my closest friend knew of the weakness at the base of my spine.

Did I have a real spiritual experience?  By everything I hold to be true and holy, I can only say -"Praise Him!"

Jack J.
Louisville, KY


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