A Basic Affirmation

For self-acceptance

To develop your personality

For spiritual growth

For inner peace

For relationships with others

To release negative attitudes and negative aspects of life

For Health

To receive blessings

To overcome obstacles

For weight reduction

For improved skills

For financial help

To sell your house, car, or anything else

For work situations

For marriage

To protect everything in your life

For guidance

For faith

To Invoke the white light

To attune yourself to the Supreme Intelligence

To be master of your fate

To sell your house, car, or anything else
  • My house (or _______) is sold; it is exactly what the buyer wants and the price is right.
For work situations
  • My job is perfect for me and I am perfect for my job.
  • The job is mine and I am worthy to have it.

For marriage

  • My higher Being is drawing to me at this very moment that man (or woman) who will make me happy and whom I will make happy.

  • If marriage is for me, then let it be.  If you have other plans for me, allow them to manifest in my life.  Set me free from this longing within my heart.  Set me free to face the future unafraid.

To protect everything in your life
  • I place you in the hands of the Infinite Intelligence, which desires the highest good for you.  And that good will manifest in your own time and in your own way through your Higher Self.
  • The Supreme Intelligence works through me, in me, and around me.  Nothing in this world can harm me.  I am always in Its presence.
  • There is nothing in the seeing or unseen world that can harm me or make me afraid.  My Higher Self is in me and around me.  The white light of love protects me from all things.
  • I call upon my guardian angel who protects me and watches over me day and night.  My way is being cleared for all good things.
For guidance
  • My life is being guided by the divine hand of my Higher Self.  I can do no wrong in my life.  Its ideas work through and in me for the good of all.  I release all negative situations in my life that might hinder this guidance.
  • Divine love is doing its perfect work in me and through me now.
  • O Supreme Intelligence, may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart bring into my experience what thou seest I have need of at this time.
  • Divine love is now doing its perfect work in this situation.
  • The Infinite Intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me my true place in life.
  • My subconscious mind knows at all times what particular goals I need to be setting, and my subconscious mind is giving me this information at this very moment.
  • I ask my Higher Self to surface at this moment and show me my true potential in this lifetime.
For faith
  • Divine faith moves through all parts of my body and mind.  My faith in all things is restored.  I am faith; I have faith.
  • Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass.
  • I am a dream of the Supreme Intelligence.
  • Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.
  • Faith is mine.  My life is prosperous, my spouse is loving, my children are giving, and I am loving.
  • Whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do.
  • In the name of my Higher Self, I ask for _______ to manifest in my life now.
  • My Higher Self is producing perfect results for all concerned.
  • Supreme Intelligence, use me in whatever way or manner you see fit, that my body may be a living example of Thy love to my brethren.
  • May there come into my consciousness more and more the love of the father, through my Higher self, day by day.
  • May the knowledge of the Lord so fill my life and my body as to make of me a channel in His name.
To Invoke the white light
  • The white light of my Higher Self shines around and through me.  All of my affairs are surrounded by the white light.
  • The white light of my Higher Self surrounds my children, home, work, and everything that touches my life in any way, and keeps us safe from any harm.
  • The pure white light of my Higher Self protect me in all ways- mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • I project the white light through my body to aid me in restoring health, vitality, and youthful beauty to my entire system.

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