A Basic Affirmation

For self-acceptance

To develop your personality

For spiritual growth

For inner peace

For relationships with others

To release negative attitudes and negative aspects of life

For Health

To receive blessings

To overcome obstacles

For weight reduction

For improved skills

For financial help

To sell your house, car, or anything else

For work situations

For marriage

To protect everything in your life

For guidance

For faith

To Invoke the white light

To attune yourself to the supreme Intelligence

To be master of your fate

An affirmation is a declaration that something is true.  When you make this declaration, your subconscious believes it is true.  If you repeat an affirmative over and over again, it will manifest as truth in your life.  Remember that a thought is something tangible. Thoughts that you send out into the universe eventually reappear in your own life.

You may use affirmations not only during prayer and meditation but also to maintain a positive state of mind when doubts and fears panic your mind.  Keep repeating the affirmation to yourself until you are calm again.  

A Basic Affirmation.

The following affirmations are offered as examples of the depth, style, and scope of affirmations.  Affirmations such as these should be used for every compartment of your life and being.

Use this basic affirmation to sustain your specific daily affirmations:

I now set in motion a new force that will create a steady flow of harmony, health, and happiness in my life and release my potential talents and abilities.
For self-acceptance
  • I am a unique, confident, interesting human being receiving an increasing flow of life's abundance.  I completely and absolutely accept myself, knowing that any negative conditions in my life are the shadows of thoughts that are now eliminated.
  • I hold only good, positive thoughts in my mind about myself, knowing that they will be expressed in my life.
  • My perception of my life is heightened, broadened, deepened. Wholeness, beauty, joy, accomplishment, fulfillment, and self-confidence now fill my mind.
  • I am perfect: I am whole; I am a child of God.
  • I enjoy life, people, and myself and live each moment to the fullest without guilt, self-criticism, or judgment of others. What I was yesterday no longer exists.  What I am today is what counts.


To develop your personality
  • I know that my personality is a reflection of my attitudes.  My attitudes are positive; therefore, my personality is positive.  People will react to me positively.
  • I am ___________ (fill in the characteristic that you feel is most important for you to acquire: confident, cheerful, enthusiastic, poised, sincere, considerate, attentive, and so on).
  • I am completely confident of myself with all people in every situation.
  • My life is in divine order.  There is a season for all things.  My Higher Self know God's power is working for my good now.
  • Let the love of the Infinite Intelligence make me more patient.
For spiritual growth
  • Every day in every way, I am becoming better and better.
  • I act differently because I am different.  I am growing each day.
  • I am free of any consciousness of personal limitation, lack, doubt, or inferiority.
  • I am positive, courageous, and enthusiastic about every moment of my life.  I know that holding this thought in my mind will cause my positive experience to expand and the negative experiences to pass quickly into nothingness.
  • I accept success as a natural and continuous outgrowth of my reprogrammed attitudes.  I enter joyfully into a full expression of this success.
  • O Higher self, purify me; create in me a clean heart; renew in me a right spirit.
For inner peace
  • I am a peaceful, relaxed child of God.  I am relaxing my body, mind, and spirit.  The tension, stress, and strain are no longer there.  I relax, release, and let go.
  • I face each day with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to handle any problem with calmness and assurance.
  • The peace of my Higher Self is moving through the top of my head, down through my body to the tips of my toes.  There is no place within me that does not feel this peace.
  • The peace of God moves through all parts of my consciousness. I rest in His peace.
  • My emotions are calm.  The peaceful indwelling presence of my Higher Self continues to calm me.  I am at peace.
  • Father, in Thy mercy, in Thy grace, bring to me and my consciousness the awareness of the peace of my Higher Self:  That I may say more often, "Father, Thy will be done in and through me day by day."
  • The infinite inner peace that abounds in the Supreme Intelligence abounds in me, pouring out this peace through my mind, body, and spirit.  I am at peace.
For relationships with others
  • I am conscious of only the good in others.
  • I am flexible and tolerant in all my relationships with others.
  • I love, like, and enjoy __________ (name of spouse, family member or friend).
  • I experience joy from my present friendships and pleasure in making new friends.
  • I love, believe in, trust, and respect my children so wholeheartedly that I convey this confidence in all my relationships with them.
  • I am patient, skillful, and understanding in dealing with all members of my family.
  • I love all people and all people love me, without attachment.
  • I call on divine love to heal our relationship now.  I call on divine love to straighten out and adjust this situation.
  • Love changes situations that seem impossible.

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