Dear Patricia,

I wanted to thank you so much for the tape you sent to me with the information about my father.  I realize how busy you are and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. 

I called my Mother over to listen to it, and then my sisters and brother heard it as well.  My mother cried a lot, and then said it was a comfort to know Dad is okay,  he's with us and will be waiting for us.  My brother was skeptical at first.  I told him about it over the phone, and I think he was frightened by it.  He said he didn't want to hear it, but a short time later I heard a knock at my door and he came over to listen to the tape.  You've done such a kind thing by doing this, and it's been such a comfort to us all and we thank you.

If you appear on the Jerry Springer show in the future I hope they will again call me so I can attend.  Seeing you is well worth the 3 1/2 hour drive to Chicago!  I just can't say enough about what a kind person you are, and how much I admire you for using your gift to help others.

Thank you, Patricia, and God bless you.

C. Martin 

Dear Patricia,

I should have written sooner expressing my sincere gratitude.  Your reading has made such a difference in my life.  I don't miss Dick any less but I am comforted in knowing he's in a wonderful place and is waiting for me to join him.  There is no doubt in my mind that it was definitely Dick talking to us.

Dick's dream on the morning of his death was my primary concern when I came to see you, and he told me about it before I had a chance to ask you.  I could only remember that there were unusual circumstances about the dream but my mind just shut down when I learned of Dick's death a few hours later.  It all came back to me when I was reminded that someone was chasing him, he was out of breath and he awoke sweating.  So you can imagine how grateful I was to learn this information form you.

My friend, Sally, and I went out to lunch today.  This was our first meeting since she brought me to see you so I shared my tape with her this afternoon.  She is also very impressed and now knows why I am feeling so much better.

Since her husband worked with Dick, and I knew him more than I her.  Maybe it was some of Dick's telepathy powers working to have her call me out of the blue.  I mentioned the book, "Beyond Positive Thinking" which her husband had given us when our daughter was having serious "TMJ" problems and I mentioned I saw you on TV and how impressed I was with you but that I would be scared to death to go by myself.  She immediately said she would go with me and even make all the arrangements.  It just seemed like I was destined to meet you.

You have definitely done what no one else has been able to do for me since Dick's death on Memorial Day.  Thank you so very, very much! 

Pat S.

Dear Patricia,

I must thank you for what you did for Pat S.!!  After the death of Dick, she was so lost and bewildered because her whole life was wrapped around him.  Her session with you changed her completely, and no one could have helped her except you because you answered all her questions about Dick's death.  Now she can carry on and begin to build her life.  It was a miracle! Thank you!



Dear Patricia,

I am writing for two reasons.  First of all to thank you for my reading of Tuesday night December 21st.  Your reading was excellent!  It helped me and confirmed many things for me. 

You have a great gift, that you use so well in helping others.  Thank you Patricia!

The second reason is something happened concerning the reading, that I would like to share with you.  At the beginning of my reading my mother was there, which did not surprise me.  You verbalized the visuals that you saw, which was mom showing you a big red heart upon her chest, arms outstretched saying, " I love you this much." The big red heart stood out in my mind because, mom usually gives me one rose.

After the reading I was going to Cindy's to exchange Christmas gifts but, I stopped on the way at my home to get the bottle of wine, I was going to take with me.

Mollie, my dog, gave me her usual loving greeting but, instead of following me around like she usually does, she went into the living room.  I went in to check it out.  she was standing over something on the floor.  If anything is ever out of place in the house she always barks at it.  I went over to see what it was, it was a big 3 inch red heart.  The heart was one of my Christmas tree ornaments, I had put way, inside by the trunk of the tree to fill in a bare spot, Nothing else was moved or disturbed on the tree.  but the heart was now perfectly placed straight up on the floor two and a half feet away from the tree.

I sat down on the floor and placed the heart between my hands.  It was very warm and vibrating.  I closed my eyes and felt mom's presence.  I was enjoying the experience when thoughts of Mollie popped into my head.  I had just realized she was not crawling on my lap or putting a toy on my leg as she always does when I'm on the floor.

So I opened my eyes and there she was sitting up perfectly straight, two feet in front of me, her eyes following something in back of me.  Her eyes going back and forth!  I realized she was seeing mom.  I smiled to myself and closed my eyes again.  The heart between my hands was still warm.  A few minutes later the warmth and the experience was gone.  I opened my eyes again and I saw that Mollie knew mom was gone too, because she was now lying on the floor resting her head on her paws.

It was a beautiful experience that made this Christmas special for me.  In fact, it was the first experience that led into a couple of other special experiences this Christmas concerning my Mom and Dad.

So I thank you for giving me the visual of the red heart, confirming many things that I already felt and being a friend.  

I hope the coming year is a blessed year for you.

Linda Simmons

Dear Patricia:

Contacting my Father Ernesto has brought a sense of peace that I have not experienced in years.

My husband and I are very grateful to you and to your fine staff.  You all have been very kind.

Best Wishes,



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