Dear Patricia,

I had a reading by telephone last night and
contacted my mother and brother.  I just wanted
to thank you again. You would not believe how
much comfort this has brought me.  I was really
having a hard time getting over my mom's
death. I knew she was with God, but I just
couldn't move on after her passing. I feel like a
burden has been lifted from me. Thank you so
much for using your gift to help so many. You
are a wonderful person. I hope to speak with
you again soon.

Thanks again and much love to you,
C. Edmunds


My mother recently got a mailing from your office regarding your appearance at the convention...I remember my mom telling me how she had went to your office when I was baby and got a reading....I even have the tape recording had stated I had a star on my forehead that only psychics could see....everyone else in the family that you told her about has came even saved my grandfathers life. I don't really understand my reading and want to find out more... I'm interested in getting an appointment to get my reading.  I need to check out my work schedule and then I'll be calling for and appt. The last you saw me I was only a baby and that was in if you remember a little girl with the star..that was me. You may also see me at your seminar..



I wanted to thank you for my reading- and so glade that you were able to contact my special friend, Tim, and to see that he was with our dog and baby.  I was worried about Tim making it to a good place, or finding his way (for some reason); and I was glad to hear his angel guided him to a healing place.  After I listened to the tape, a couple of things made more sense too. 

Also, after learning how many lives I've lived, it's made sense that I've felt kind of tired this life! 

Thanks, Patricia and thank you for the coupon.



Dearest Patricia:

I don't want to be selfish, but I truly ask to be added to your daily prayers with God.  Last Wednesday, April 24th, I found a lump in my breast and went for a mammogram and ultrasound this past Monday, April 29th.  Both tests came back abnormal and 2 lumps were found.  The report stated that one lump is "suspicious" carcinoma and one appears to be benign.  I have to see a surgeon on Friday, May 3rd to schedule surgery to have the lumps removed so a biopsy can be done.  I ask you to please pray with me that God will heal me and that both lumps will be cancer-free.

In late August 1986, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I brought her to church with me at Hope Ministries, and you saw angels standing behind her (it's documented on the tape) and you said she was just diagnosed with a terminal illness....(you had never met her before).  You prayed with her
and laid hands on her.  She went through surgery with a peace that passes all understanding (her faith in God) and almost 16 years later she is cancer-free.  Thank You LORD! And Thank You Patricia Mischell!  I am praying that you will lay hands on my request today, and together with me, have faith that God
will also help me to be cancer-free. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Dear Friends:

It was in either 1997 or 1995 when my sister, Betsy, and I attended a seminar at a Cincinnati Hotel presented by Patricia Mischell.  If I remember, it was a lower-priced meeting in which Patricia at random, gave a short reading from a picture, etc., that those who attended brought with them.  I can't express just how much we both enjoyed this experience, especially so because we were very fortunate to be one of the audience to be chosen by Patricia and she read our picture of our mother.  In our opinion, Patricia is the best psychic reader we have ever had the pleasure to meet.  She told us details that only could have come from our deceased mother.  Patricia was just amazing!

The reason for this letter is to ask if Patricia is ever planning to have another Seminar like the above?  We would gladly travel from Chicago just to hear her again.  Also, if Patricia is going to make any appearances in or near Chicago, we certainly would appreciate it if you could let us know.  We have not heard anything in a long time if Patricia plans to have any Seminars or Conferences.

Please let me hear from you and please keep my name and address on  your mailing list. 

Thanks very much in advance for your responding.


Sandra M.
Berwyn, IL

Dear Patricia-
I'm sure you don't remember me, but I used to come to your meetings at the Positive Living Bookstore when you were located right by Wyoming in Hartwell.  At the time I was a high school student at Wyoming enthusiastically questioning and exploring religion. I have decided to drop you a line because I wanted to thank you for being one of the most profound and impactful influences on my life.  While you probably don't remember me from the long line of people you've interacted with over the years, I figure that you would still appreciate knowing that you made a very big difference in my life.

Over 12 years ago you healed me of Mononucleosis after a particularly long bout.  I was upset because I was being held back from attending a spring break cruise so I came to you as a last ditch effort at a speedy recovery. I was skeptical and didn't have much hope, but I had heard you speak of the
healings in the lectures you gave so I figured it couldn't hurt. You and Maureen worked on me for about an hour (free of charge since I was so young and had no money).  I was "Mono free" the next day, and quite please that I was allowed to go on the trip following a blood test confirming the Mono was gone.

I continued to visit the center for your Friday night lectures and learned for the first time about reincarnation, past lives, channeling etc.  At one point I was lucky enough to receive a personal message from the spirit you channel. Through that experience I learned that there are other ways of
looking at the world that sometimes don't fit our established paradigms. Though I was young and impressionable I was taken with the honesty and acceptance of your congregation at the time, and I had so much respect for what you were doing.  The message that I got that evening also specifically
helped to heal a long running relationship rift that I had been having with my father.

Finally, I came to you as I was graduating from high school very concerned that I had no future.  Feeling stifled in Cincinnati I so desperately wanted to go away to college and all of my top choices had rejected me.  I was particularly distraught since it was closing in on the end of May and most schools had already notified their applicants of acceptance or denial.  You, again generously, agreed to listen to my dilemma free of charge.  I wrote you my concerns in letter form and you answered them the next day, telling me, among other things, that I would probably hear good news the second week of June and not to worry.  As it turns out Southern Methodist University sent me an acceptance letter that very week.

I'm writing you now to say thank you for all of that, but more than that, to say that because of you and your center, I feel that I was profoundly changed for the positive.  I have since graduated from Southern Methodist with a BA in Art History, graduated from Law School, and I currently live in
Los Angeles where I work for an animation studio developing new programming and feature films.   I feel that my involvement with you taught me to think outside the box and to have a strong faith in myself and my abilities. The
opportunity that your center, your book and your lectures, as well as your own personal guidance provided me for mind expansion and education was incredible for me. I can never thank you enough for that.

I know that this may seem strange coming from someone you don't really know, but it seems that I am constantly relating these tales to people as proof of another reality that many don't realize exists, and I believe that when you do great things you deserve to know they've been appreciated....and that these stories make great cocktail conversation!



M. F.

Dear Patricia,

Thank you for the most wonderful session.  It was very healing for both of us, and we are very grateful that you can communicate with our parents.  You have also inspired us to learn how to communicate ourselves.


T. & K. Perkins
Martinsville, IN

Dear Patricia:

I recently had a spirit communication with my brother, Joseph from you.  After the reading, I listened to the copy of the tape I made of the phone conversation.  Much to my surprise, and the surprise of my family listening, we noticed a comment on the tape by what appears to be a male voice.  I did not hear this voice during our actual phone conversation, yet it is most definitely recorded on my tape.  I am curious to know if it appears on the copy of the tape you had made.

I know for a fact that no one else was on the phone line on my end.  Both of my parents were home, but neither one of them picked up an extension line, not to mention this voice is not the voice of my father or mother, nor is it your voice or mine.

Now the other strange thing about this voice on the tape is that it is joining in with our conversation and agreeing with what you told me about what happened just as Joseph died!  You were saying that Joseph was trying to let us know that he was all right when he passed on.  He tried to smile to let us know that his angel had come for him.  I was agreeing with you, that he most definitely smiled as he passed on, when this voice chimes in and says "HE SURE DID!".  This voice on the tape is very distinct and very clear.  There is no problem hearing it or making out the words.

After listening to the tape several times with my family over the weekend, I decided that I would call your office and let you know of this strange occurrence.  I talked with the woman that answers the phone and she was very intrigued to say the least.  In fact, she thought I was joking when I explained why I was calling.  She asked if I could make a copy of the part of the conversation with the voice on it and send it on to you with a note explaining my story.

Now, if you can verify that this was no one on your end of the line, we may have something here!  I noticed on my tape that my voice came out much louder than yours as I was taping this through my answering machine.  The voice I heard seems to be at about the same loudness as my voice, indicating it seemed to be coming from my end of the line.  But then again, I'm not an expert on the spirit communications!  That's your department!

I am enclosing a tape with a partial copy of our reading, the rest of the tape is blank.  I would like you to listen to it.  If possible, I would like to find out your opinion of what you think this is.  Or if it turns out to be an employee of yours on the line!  I appreciate your time looking into this.  If you have any more questions or need further information feel free to contact me.    Thank you for your time.

Paula Mogilinski


I just wanted to let you know how important you have been in my life.  The readings that you have done for me over the past 2 1/2 years have come at a critical moments and have helped me to learn to trust my own intuitions.  I realize now that my interest in your field has been more than just answering questions about love or career, it has been my search for God.  And with your help, I am getting closer to what I have been seeking.  Your the only person I have been able to go to that can really get to the core of my questions and uncertainties.  So many questions that I have struggled with have been answered (especially with the last reading) and have helped me to understand myself and begin to find peace and direction.

The gift that you bring to the world has done more for me than you know (or maybe you do!).  I am truly grateful for your helping hand and guiding words.

Thank you,



I recently spoke with you over the phone, I cant tell you enough how much you've helped me, see things more clearly.  You were so right on about everything.  It's not always what we want to hear, but we must live by the truth.   You are truly gifted but also have a warm, loving heart. That I know!

Thank you again, for opening my eyes!

Therese V. 

Dear Ms. Mischell,

I am writing today in case you have any interest in how some events transpired after you relayed a message to us about a possible car accident during a spirit communication with me on February 26th.

You said some other spirits entered in during the reading and wanted to give warning about an auto accident.  The warning was that the spirit said "The foot is too Heavy" and they showed you a traffic light turning from yellow to red and that the driver tried to beat the light.  Also you saw a red car and then white and the other (white) vehicle would come from her right side.  You said also about the driver of the red car that spirit kept showing you a girl, but you had thought maybe boy because the energy level was so strong.  No names were given, but you had felt the girl was maybe around 17 years old with long hair and wearing gym shoes.  Also that someone would be killed in the accident.

I believe the accident you described happened.  We live in a small town and it is very rare for anyone to be killed in an auto accident.  The accident happened pretty much as you said on April 11th. 

My husband's, uncle's, mother was driving a red car, stopped at a red light.  When the light turned green she proceeded across the intersection, but a man driving a white semi-truck came from her right side.  He wasn't paying attention and tried to beat the yellow light.  Of course they collided and the woman was killed.  I don't know what the man looked like driving the semi truck, but the woman was 87 years old, Rose Rogg's.  I don't know if she had long hair, but she was wearing gym shoes.  This woman had an extremely high energy level.  She was very active.  Anyway, I just wrote this for your information.  No response is necessary.

Ann Roth

Dear Patricia,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading you gave.  Everything you said to me hit home & I'm so happy to have found out the things I did from my mother & grandmother.  What you are doing for people is wonderful & I thank you again so much!


Denise G.

Dear Patricia:

I just wanted to write you a brief note to tell you how beautiful you looked on the Gordon Elliott Show a couple of days ago.  In listening to your tapes, I think I recall you saying that you were in your 50"s.  Either you misspoke, or you look younger and prettier than almost every woman I know who is in their late 30's or early 40's.  If you are in your 50's, I'm hoping that your appearance is not the result of good genes, but rather the meditation techniques you speak so highly of in your seminars.  just in case it is the meditation, I told my husband that I'm making it a daily habit - starting immediately.

Best Wishes,

C. Ambos


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