Dear Patricia,

I know you get a ton of mail, but I am hoping you have a few minutes to read my letter.

First I wanted to comment that your professional appearance and office relaxed any fears my mother may have had before coming to see you.  You are so kind and sweet she instantly took to you like an old friend.

Secondly, I can't thank you enough for making my mother's 67th birthday so special by bringing Dad in.  Since that day she talks non-stop about our meeting, wanting to shout it from the rooftop!  Of course Tamara and I also benefited.  I only wish our other two siblings had been able to attend.

Lastly, I was sorry to see you cry during our meeting with Dad.  My heart goes out to you, because I know your heart is in what you do.  You only wanted to help encourage Dad to think positively, and gave us hope when there wasn't any.  In fact, your words were the only thing that kept us going during his terrifying illness.  I truly hope you do not have to face this dilemma with other families.  Isn't it better to explain to people who prod you for an answer that it simply is up to God who knows the true outcome of a life or death matter --  even if the outcome appears positive?  This would certainly save a lot of grief from families when expectations are not met as predicted.

God Bless,
Sandy B

Dear Patricia,

I wanted to thank  you for the reading that you gave me last month.  It was such a wonderful reading for me, touching my heart in many ways.

I've been taking the supplements (aloe & pycnogenol) that you suggested, and my asthma and energy levels seem to be improving.

Your advice on protecting myself from other people's negative energy has been invaluable, too.

Most of all, though, I want to thank you for a very profound healing that has occurred in my life.  Since your reading.  I have found a deep sense of peace on a daily basis.  My connection the Father has been strengthened in a way that I've never felt before, and I fell a new sense of comfort with being on this Earth.

I will always be grateful to you.

Thank you, Love

S. Baris


I wanted to write you a note and let you know that I have the greatest respect and admiration for you and the work you perform to help others.

I've never put any credence in psychics before, until I watched you on the Jerry Springer Show one afternoon.  You immediately impressed me as someone kind, intelligent, gifted and genuine.  You recently gave me a reading through the mail and it has helped me tremendously.

Thank you for everything.  You've had a profound impact on my life, and you're a source of extraordinary inspiration.

Best Wishes,
Colleen Ambos

Dear Ms. Mischell, Linda & Staff,

Thank you for your grand efforts.  It was truly an amazing experience and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity that we had to share your gift with you, Ms. Mischell.

Thank you very much again.


Sam & Berthia

Dear Patricia,

First of all I want to thank you again for the wonderfully spiritual experience of talking to my dear husband and soul mate, Peter Milne.  I shall treasure that tape forever.

I was extremely nervous at first and again I apologize to you for calling you Linda.  I knew better for I had chosen you very carefully.

Patricia, I experienced a sort of "let down" feeling when I realized I wouldn't be talking to him again and the feeling has continued for a few days now.  However, I am so grateful for the opportunity to do so, and for your help in this.  I still cannot recall my astral travel although I do have minute dream  recall of being with Peter.

I still wonder if we will be husband and wife again in our next lifetime?  I wonder if we will both be healthy? And I wonder why I couldn't hear his voice and do you hear his voice or is it telepathic?

I must tell you that Peter did give me that rose he sent via you conversation.  When I went to work that very day I was walking on a sidewalk at work that leads to a warehouse.  Nobody and nothing was on that sidewalk when I returned the same way.  There in front of me on the sidewalk was one single yellow rose!!  I knew he had sent it, Patricia.

I have been given two books on psychic development,  your skills in this area, and I am reading a book called "The Third Eye" by T. Loosang Rampa.  I am also trying to practice the laying down of cards.

I have sent you my children's book as you requested - remember this all came to me in dreams about a week's worth.  If I am able to develop my psychic skills, I would like to write a book on how I died and why.  Sort of a Pete's story.  What do you think?

Again Patricia, I love you and honor your gift and work.

Carole Capowski


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