Angels, Our Friends & Loved Ones In the World of God 

How to look for the signs that they are with us 


We want you to know that although we now live in different worlds, this does not mean we are separated from each other. God in his infinite wisdom knew we could not stand being apart from each other and so He made it possible for all of us to visit one another through some very special ways.

Let me give you an illustration of what I am trying to say.  Have you have ever experienced flying in a dream or perhaps falling in a dream?  Both of these are just examples of how your spirit can leave your physical body during the sleep state and travel with ease into our world to visit us.

We know that sometimes you may not have any recall of this and yet at other times you will remember everything with much detail. You will remember sitting in our homes, talking with us. Taking walks along the beach or in our gardens. Yes, sharing with us in the same way we shared with each other while we were in the earth.

It is in this same way we are able to visit with you in your world. Our spirits leave this world and we move into your world where we can reside in your dream state. We can lay down next to you. We can watch you sleep. We can sit with you and enjoy our favorite television program.

We, along with your angels, bring you messages of impending danger and illness.  We bring you words of inspiration and courage to help you through your days of grieving.  Coming from a world of light we use your electricity.  You know we are visiting when you have to keep replacing your light bulbs more often or your telephone rings once and no one is there to say hello.  We make your pictures move on the wall.  You watch a candle flame and it flickers and the flame moves sideways to show you we are their.  You turn on the television your television tuner changes the channel without you touching it.  The radio plays our special song.

We sit in the car while you are driving.  We are always trying to make our presence known.  We do this through a touch, a special aroma is smelled such as our favorite cologne. The smell of flowers fills the air.  Even the aroma of a favorite pipe tobacco or cigarette can be smelled.

If one were fond of birds while in the earth; they will use birds to let you know they are still with you.  Butterflies will fly around you to let us say hello.  Our animals we have left behind will know when we come into a room.  They will see and feel us as they have been given a special vision to do so.

You will see small particles of matter dance before your eyes; sometimes forming into small colored circles.

This is our energy, along with your angels energy.  You will at times see us as a mist forming before your eyes.  All of these things are just a few signs that God has given us.  So that you may know we exist and we are with you.  Look for these signs during your times of grieving. 

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