For those who are grieving this message is from a mother who passed away.  It was channeled through Patricia Mischell to her daughter who received a reading from Patricia.

This beautiful message is given to let you know that death is not an end to it all.  But, rather, the beginning of a wonderful new life. 

There is, indeed,

 I speak these words to my family, my friends,  to both of my daughters, and to my devoted husband with whom I have never stopped loving. 

I know these words I speak are already born in each of your hearts.  Know that deep inside of you is  'a fountain, a spring full of love and understanding' that was born within you at the time of your birth.   It is this fountain or spring that we all are able to draw upon when someone we love is taken from us.

Always know that death did not sever the love we had for each other. It did not sever  the feelings and emotions that have tied us together as a family.  It is because of our deepest love, emotions and feelings that I  can communicate with you in this way now.

The immortal roots of our love will continue to grow even more so in death than when I was with you in life. Never believe that our spirits do not mingle daily with each other.  My presence is with you always.
Do not grieve for me for I am at peace.  Think of me in a world where one does not have to think about the worries of the day.  A place where one has a greater awareness of life in general.  A place where one does not have to do unless one wants to do.  A place where there is nothing lacking, and there is no time.  There's  no arguing, no striving for possessions; we have everything we need.   There are no pressures or obligations that must be met.  There are no let-downs or disappointments.  There are no regrets or sorrows. I am finally free from all pain, all worry, all discomfort.  I now live in total peace and harmony.   I now live the life God promised me, eternal life.  
I do not wish to  sound as though I do not miss you or yearn for those days when I was in my physical body.  This is not so.  I would give up all of this if I could have remained in the earth with all of you a healthy woman.  My body that had served me for a time so well, became weakened and tired.  My heart began to fail me.  My deepest prayer and wish while in my body was twofold:  that I would never be a burden on my family through a long, lingering illness, and I did
not want to live in a body racked with pain with no relief in sight. My dearest Lord listened to my heart, and my prayers were answered.
No one can express in words this wonderful world we now live in.  I am extremely happy.  God has provided and His promises have all come true.  From my teachings about life, God and death I knew  that when one's measure of life had ended, whether by disease, accident, or whatever,  it was
then time for that one to take off his garment of flesh and be ready to put on his spiritual garment that had been woven for him from the beginning of time. 
As you know I was still young in my years when my measure of life had come to an end. I had always thought I would grow old with my family.  Yet, my time had come; death had decided to clutch my weakened heart. I was not going to be granted a long life to live out my old age with the family I
dearly loved. 
I knew in my spirit that the shortness of breath which I had been experiencing from time to time was not getting any better.  My lungs seemed to be filling up with fluid, and this, too, was not a good sign.  I noticed that even a little exercise left me with fatigue.

My quivering body shook with fear as I lay there, trying desperately to draw another breath.  I still did not want to give up on life yet.  I still wanted to be near my loved ones if only in this way.   There was a moment when I felt so afraid, not wanting death to call at my door and I wondered, "Had Jesus felt like this? Did everyone who was ready to take that last breath  feel the same way?  Is this why Jesus uttered the
words,  "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"  

No sooner had I thought these words than I felt a surge, like a lifting out of my body. My body was lifting out of its bed of pain.  I looked down at what I knew would be the last  contact I would have with my body. It had served its purpose.   I knew it was time to let go,  time to give it over
to God and to death.  A voice from somewhere said, "Let go so you can live again."  
At that moment, I felt a magnetic pulling from above, and  a radiation of light seemed to fill my senses.  This  light became one  with my new body.  I was in the spirit;  my soul was free.  As I felt myself letting go of my earthly body, the beauty of all I had expected to happen was beginning to
fill my new being.    
It was then that a familiar face came into view.  It was my mother's face.  Her hands that I had once known so well touched my hand.   I was going home.  I wasn't afraid any longer.  My spirit was being transported into what seemed to be a happy land of dreams. During this dream sleep,  I heard voices calling to me.  They are the voices of my loved ones.  I heard someone singing to me.  I know somehow it is my lady friends.  I smile, "They sound pretty good."  Lots of people seem to be saying wonderful things about me.  I drift in and out of my dream.
I awaken from my dream; I am still holding my mothers hand.  We look into each other's eyes.  Her eyes  tell me how much she has missed me.  My eyes look back into hers.  She knows, without my speaking,  how much I love her. 
We speak no words to each other, yet we are full of each other's words and messages.  We both seem to be speaking at the same time, yet all is understood.  I think to myself, "I have learned so much from her in just a few seconds. Wouldn't this kind of communication be wonderful for those in the earth who had difficulty in  expressing their love?"   

We close our eyes.  I feel  a warmth of love spread over my being.  I am floating in ecstasy.  We are together, and nothing else seems to matter.
I feel another hand holding my hand that is free. I open my eyes, and before me is the most gentle of all men.  He is surrounded by a brilliant light.  He smiles at me.  His face seems very familiar to me.  His voice sings my name like a lullaby.   I think to myself, "Who is he? Why can I not
remember his name?"  As though he is reading my mind, he says, " I am your guardian angel. God has asked that I bring you home."   My soul is full of joy.   I now know who he is.   I remember now: "When my little body began its journey into living, it was he who ushered me into life." A voice from out of my memory spoke:  "Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way; and to bring you into the place which I have prepared." 
With these words spoken, my angel and my  mother both let go of my hands.  I am beginning to blend with the two of them.  I then become my own self again.   For a moment, I feel alone. I cannot see their faces.  Where have they gone?  I cry out for them, " Please don't leave me alone."  As the words are spoken in my mind, a light, filled with a thousand suns, emerges all around me.  I am being bathed in love.  "I am in paradise. This must be heaven," I say to myself.   
The light that surrounds all of my being now forms radiant hands.   These hands reach out and they now wrap themselves around my once weakened body. I am being drawn  into perfect Love.  I know now I have reached the gates of paradise.  I know I am in my Father's arms.   The peace that passes all understanding now fills my being.    I know I am now at home.   It is then that the face of my dear savior flashes before my mind.  I am now looking into the face of Jesus.  I hear his voice: "As the Father loved me, I also have loved you; abide in my love." It is then I close my eyes.  I am filled with a love and a peace that is beyond words. 

A memory surfaces from the world I have just left.   Words that I have read or heard flow into my mind "And this is the promise that He has promised us eternal life."  I say to myself, "His promise has been fulfilled."        
Words, music seemed to stop.  I feel I am one with those I have left behind.  I hold each of them in my heart.  Their faces appear before me.  I feel their love; I know we have not separated for we live within each others' hearts.  My mind moves forward with great anticipation I am bathed in the knowing that I will soon be standing and talking with all of those whom I had been with in days gone by.  Oh, what excitement fills my soul!  We continue moving through time and space.  Colors I have never seen before dance before us.  An array of shooting stars  pass us by.  I  hear at a distance a choir  they are singing songs to me. The music  and voices take on a more heavenly harmony.  I am wrapped in its rapture.  I know I am being released from all the cares of my world.  A voice from out of the brilliant light that surrounds  all of us speaks:  "Release, let go now of all your burdens of the earth.  Don't worry about those you have
left behind; they will not be far from your memory. You will be together again. It is time now for you to become familiar with your new home."  As we all came out of this splendid light, I am born anew into a world of unspeakable beauty and yet it  resembles  the world I have come from.   Before me looms mountains of great height.  My first thought is, "I wonder if I am dreaming?"  Before my mind can answer the question, my angel greets me with these words: "This is your time to be alone with your soul.  This is your time of judgment.  Your Book of Life is to be  revealed to you. Come with me now we will review it together."  Once again words flowed from out of my memory:  "For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ."  For some reason, I wanted my mother to be with me at this time. Maybe I was
afraid of what would be revealed and like a child, I needed her support.  My angel, again, read my thoughts.  With this, he said,  "Only you can stand before your Judgment-Seat.   Your mother  passed this way before you and she, too, had to do it alone as you must."         
My angel instructed me to close my eyes.   Soon I would be going back in my memory, from the beginning of my birth to the present time.   I trembled, for I knew that my slate would not be a clean one.  Before me, a panorama of all my life began to form.  All that I had said and done, the good and the bad, was being shown to me.  A voice that did not come from my angel said, "What have you done with your life?"  I knew the voice was that of my God who had had wrapped His radiant arms around me just a short time ago.  I knew that my Lord, my angel and myself would be viewing  my total life on the earth together.  Pictures of my life began flashing on my mind like on a television or movie screen. Not as I had seen or remembered the circumstances surrounding them,   but as though I had been given another pair of eyes, eyes that saw what really happened.  My life swept before me.  I was drawn back to that moment I was being born.  I saw my self coming in to life.  I watch my mother take me in her arms.  The love she felt for me was indescribable.  I now knew the words I had heard: "No greater love then a mothers love, was true."   Now I understood what unconditional love was.  I too, being a mother had felt this same kind of love for my children.   Oh, how very much I would love to be back home with my girls right now.  I remembered wiping their brows with fever.  Before I could get to teary eyed a voice spoke again:  "You will always be with them.  Your job is now finished.  It is time for you to go on."   I once again returned back to the panorama.  I was a baby again.  I saw
my fathers face and felt his love for me.  People's faces flashed before me. 

All those who would be a part of my life.  I saw myself growing through all the different stages of life. A baby, a toddler taking my first step.  My early childhood.  Going to school for the first time.  Learning new and exciting things and yet a little afraid of what the future had in store for me.  I saw my family, the children I played with, my teachers, the aunts, uncles, and grandparents, nothing was hidden to me.
The panorama continued through my teenage years.  The  awkwardness of growing up.  I watched those embarrassing moments and usual sexual explorations of childhood that each of us must go through.  But, for sure, we never want to talk about.  Here, the Lord was watching right along with me, but He never seem to be surprised or upset.  In fact, I felt His and my angels Love for me even more.  I saw me joining the church where I would spend many of my  happiest moments with my friends & family.  I was shown those times when I lost my temper and blamed others for my failures. I reaped the joys of the good things I performed in my life for others.  I realized nothing was hidden from Him who stood with me. 
My angel, upon viewing my pain of losing my family through my death, felt along with me my deepest sorrow.  And that was,  I would never again be able to hold my dear sweet husband in my arms.   I would no longer be able to feel
his body close to me.  No longer would I sit across the table and look into his eyes that I had loved for so long.   Our little disagreements we had didn't seem to matter anymore.  Our indifference about the children, the world, and other subjects seemed so trivial. In fact, all of these things had no meaning to me now.  

As I viewed each incident  on the screen of my mind, I thought how foolish it was that in our disagreements and our indifference's we both had lost such precious time.    I looked at his wonderful, strong face and fell deeply in love with him
all over again.   I saw into his heart and for the first time I really understood him.  How many times had I thought he wasn't listening to me. When in reality he had other things on his mind,  and he really never heard me.  If only we could be with each other just one more time I thought, I know we would appreciate each other more.  Then the scene changed and I knew there was no going back.  What had been said, was said.  What had been done was done.  That was it!    
My heart began to break into as I realized I would never be able to hold my children again.  Although they had both grown up and were mature adult woman.  I  just wanted to take them once again on my lap and rock them to sleep.  I wanted to wipe away their tears of sadness and laugh with them once again when their lives were filled with joy.  But all of this was over.  I could never talk with them again.  I could never wipe their brows with fever.  I could never hear their laughter.  Oh, how very much I wanted to leave this place and go back home to be with them. 
It was as though my angel lived within my heart, and felt my pain, knew my deepest longing.  His hand held mine ever so tenderly as I moved in and out of this scene of agony.   With tears glistening in his eyes and a smile on his lips,  he looked at me  and said, "They are even closer to you today then ever before.  The love you have for each other will keep alive all that has been in the past.  You will be together soon."    With this I felt a great weight lifting up and off of me.  I knew our family had lived our lives to the fullest.  I would not be forgotten.  We would be together again.  The thought of this filled me with an  acceptance.    

Once again I heard the  words " What have you done with your life?"  I searched quickly thorough all the days I had lived.  As each day of my life opened before me  I found nothing of great esteem to be proud of.   There was no great invention left in my name.  I had no worldly fame  that anyone would talk about.   I had not accumulated worldly skills, aptitudes or special accomplishments.  In fact, I was a lowly person. I was just an ordinary wife.  I was a down-to-earth mother.  I had made quite a few  friends in my life and had been a friend to many.   Although I completed my basic schooling of the earth,  I had not gone on to acquire many degrees to my name.  I had nothing to share with God.  
After He watched me struggle trying to find something great about my life.  God said "My child, It is not the greatness of one who brings great titles to this world, nor is it that one  who brings his material goals with him.  It is only the spiritual goal that counts; not the material goal, nor the worldly skills, aptitudes or special accomplishments one achieves while in the physical vehicle.  The material passes away.  It is here to today.  It is gone tomorrow.  The true riches are those which do not rust nor corrupt.  The materialist's  gold and money crumble to dust before his eyes when he reaches our world.  It is what you have brought over yourself that counts, not what you attained with self-satisfaction in your spiritual blindness.  You, my child, have built within yourself that which makes you a candidate for these Higher Realms.
You were never a lowly person. You lived the Golden Rule.  You were indeed your brother's keeper.  It was this concrete foundation along with your religious attitudes,  that kept your heart  always filled with love and compassion for those who had suffered. You had a mission to perform and this you did.  You brought many a helping hand to the weary.  You were a
magnificent and a loving wife who sacrificed much for her husband.  Your love for him was filled with deep meaning.  
As a mother you were dedicated to your children. Your friendship with them will never be forgotten.  Your friendship to so many while in the earth will now bring you friendship in your new world.

I was shown all of the situations where I had brought pain and sorrow to those people with whom I was associated  in one way or another.  More then once the tears would fall.  I would wish with all my heart and soul I could go back and change the situation to make it all right again.  But each and
every time my Angel would help me through this very difficult period and would advise me as to how I had made up for this terrible act by something wonderful he would point out in my behalf.   I then viewed the happier moments of my life, falling in love, getting married, having my first and then second child, happy times with all of my family.  Sharing the good times with all  my brothers and sisters in the church.  The panorama stopped.  The review of my life came to an end.  
Now I knew why I could not have my mother with me during this part of my Transition.  My Angel was right it was only for my own eyes.

As my Book of Life closed and my decree was given.  My Lord, along with my angel welcomed me into my new and everlasting home.  Like a sliding away of another world, the world I was in closed and  a new and more splendid world was opened to me.  

My mother once again joined me.  But this time I was to be greeted by all the many faces of loved ones with whom had passed so many years before me.  Each one of them took me in their arms and welcomed me to the new world in which they lived.   They all looked so wonderful, so young, so happy.  If only I had known what I knew now I would not have grieved for them as I did. 

A rush of love came over my being.  My loved ones stepped back and once again I was alone with my angel. This time the two of us  were standing on an open field,  viewing what would soon be my land.  My angel said, "Think what you would like your home to look like and it will be."  My mind visualized my home I had just come from.  This home began to form before me.  I added a lovely pond, with ducks playing in the water. When I opened my eyes,  all was as I had seen it in my mind.  My home was standing before me.  
This is where my new home would stand.  Here I would wait for those with whom I had left behind,  knowing that one day they, too, would join me as I had joined my loved ones and friends.  I wasn't sad any more. I understood. I was at peace.
My mother and I sat down on two comfortable rocking chairs in my living room.  We looked out into the beauty of what was an array of lights, coming from out of the heavens, that seemed to cover all things in a softness that made one feel all warm inside just watching  it.

My mothers face looked beautiful and young as it did when I was a little girl  growing up.  I said to her, "Has anyone told you how very young and beautiful you look?  Mother, you are younger and more beautiful then I had remembered you." 
She, looking at my gaze upon her face, said, "All who come to our world, who are advanced in age, do not remain as they were.  The young do not remain young, but grow in fullness of maturity, depending upon how they decide to
work with their intellect.  Each can be in the power of service to our Lord, or, if they do not wish to advance, they can enjoy a rest, perhaps learning how to use the creative abilities they never had the opportunity to use while in the earth.  The baby matures in spirit and in powers of intellect and soul. From the old person drop away the years of frailty, and they find themselves without signs and evidences of old age, but with alertness and ambition and all the things of which they were capable at their best on earth."  
My family, my loved ones, I know what I say to you may be difficult for you to understand.  No one can grasp it all until he experiences it for himself.  I know this and so  I can only ask that you believe me now as you would have believed me while in my physical body.

The most important message I give to you is that, far from being fearsome as I thought death would be, I found death to be a blessing; a transition from limitation to utter freedom; an advancement  from primary knowledge to contact with Infinite wisdom; an opening of the door to such brilliance and
beauty of life and love and service and joy as the human heart cannot conceive.

If I had known the happy connotation of death as I do now, without the painful stages of material decay that we are taught while growing up;  if I could have known as I do now, that death is only the avenue along which we all must pass from one level of experience to another vastly better, more advanced level of experience, lacking all things of suffering and uncertainty and loss; to life where one may see the end from the beginning, as I did; where all is determined by standards of unselfish love; where there is no end to the growth one may make in all things enduring and worth while; where one is veiled eternally with the glory of God's love in conscious presence and power. 
When this day comes, our thoughts would not see death as an enemy, the destroyer of families, of achievement, of life.   And so it is that I give this information to the one I write through,  knowing she will share it with a world that needs it.  My daughter shares my message with those I have left behind.  Let them know my world exists.
God's richest blessings be upon all who will receive this message.   I bless this one I write through and may  God's blessings be upon you and upon that which you are doing in your earth work.  Its outreach is greater than you think, and it will continue to expand in value..  I give you my blessing and may we find time again to  continue these talks.  Good night!

The above is part of her up-coming book What Happens When We Die.  

Not all of Patricia's Readings produce this detailed information. Normally a reading consist of Patricia speaking to you on the phone and giving you the information that comes from the person you wish to contact. However, in rare instances Patricia will be contacting the loved one and they
will begin to give her such details about their world that she goes to her computer and begins to type the message word for word as it is given.  There are no changes that are made during the typing.  This information then is sent to the person who received the reading.


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