Writing can be very useful tool in the  healing process.  Many people that are going through the grieving process feel uncomfortable expressing or talking about the deceased to friends and family.  They assume that they do not care to hear any more.  Although this is often untrue.  Psychologists and Psychiatrists have prescribe writing as a tool to expressing and releasing feelings and emotions.

Doing so, through the use of a journal, to express your thoughts and feelings to the deceased, can be a new means of communicating .  As explained in "The Grieving Process" you may feel emotions of anger towards your loved one.  This is normal.  While you may feel uncomfortable expressing these feelings to others, a private journal is a good source for venting and releasing.

Use your journal to continue expressing your feelings to your loved one is also a good idea.  The "What I wish I had said" or "I wish I had not said" can now be expressed.  It is  good to write a letter to the deceased expressing your feelings and emotions.  After you have completed the letter put it in a blank envelope and mail it.  This is an excellent way to set your thoughts and feelings free to the universe.

You can either choose to write about the experience you are having on a day-to-day basis; or you may choose a thyme to write about, "The many ways you will continue to live on within me," "How I realize all of your special qualities now," etc.

A journal can also help you work through your grief by providing an outlet and a means to express yourself. It is a place for you to record traits and special memories, his/her likes and dislikes.  When you feel yourself longing for your loved one, get your journal out, start communicating and expressing and healing. 



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