Psychic exercises powers at Shillito Rikes
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The Cincinnati Post Tuesday, July 9, 1985
by Mary Linn White
Our Town      

Even wearing glasses, Patricia Mischell can see right through you.  At least, so it seems when this positive-thinking psychic looks at your and wills you to ask her a question.   I hadn't meant to, but I did.   And so did dozens of others who showed up at a recent open house at Shillito Rikes tearoom to mark the debut of her new book, "Beyond Positive Thinking." 
     Several women asked questions about family problems or illnesses.  After each question, Ms. Mischell paused, concentrated, then spoke.  she seemed to see beyond the immediate situation, visualized scenes in the questioner's life.  It was spooky.
     Her counsel, in general, was upbeat but realistic.  To a woman who asked if her  daughter would marry, Ms. Mischell answered:  "she is very independent.  she
 has lots of things to do.  I see a man; I see her turning away her head.  She won't commit without a lot of searching.  I see a wedding band with a crack; did she go through a divorce?  I see a lot of pain there.  Let her work it out."
     To a woman who wondered if she should make a job change, Ms. Mischell suggested:  "Not yet.  So far, you are just dabbling your hand in the water."
     Circling the informal group with a mike in hand, she had the poise of an entertainer-and indeed looked like one, with sophisticated makeup, lots of blond hair and an above-the-ankle lilac crepe dress.  She appeared on Bob Braun's show many times.  Her theme:  "You have it in you to be extraordinary!"
     And she will return to Shillito Rikes' book department downtown at noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday to autograph her book.  she'll be at the Western Woods store at 7 p.m. July 23 and at Florence mall store at 7 p.m. July 24.


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