Patricia Mischell's Web Site is a "Center for All Religion," Philosophies, an Institute of Psychic Research and development, and a School of Ancient Teachings of the Mysteries of the Universe.


I invite you to join me in bringing this website to all who are seekers and bearers of enlightenment.

I ask that you become a researcher into the true potential of the real you and to be a seeker of your Higher Self.  I am a spiritual explorer of all gifts concerning the mysteries of the universe. 

Along with my Web Designer, Tina, I have developed this web-site with only you in mind.

We know this site will bring about a healing for your body and  soul.  We also know that you will be filled with a new inspiration and will aspire to the highest calling from God to you personally.

The "Time is Now" for you who have visited us today to take that first step towards the fulfillment of your special destiny; towards finding your calling and your special place in this new and exciting world that is before you. 

We invite you to come back often and visit.  As we will continue
bringing you new things to study.  We ask that you download freely what you wish to read and meditate upon it. Our site is meant for you and your specific needs to assist assist in the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

My unique teachings will give you a more realistic view of your real, and eternal true self.  I also will assist you in finding your Inner-Higher calling that you possess.

I ask you to join us as one of our family.  Here at our web site you will never, never walk alone.  This site and these pages were created only with one thought in mind-"You and Your life."  Know that it is never to late to learn.  Whatever your age, it's never to late to really know your Self,  to begin life, or to begin life over again.

I know many of you feel a little weary or somewhat tired with the old things of the past.  But, I'm, here to tell you, "This is a new day."  I will help you find a little bit of Heaven in this place you now live, 'called earth.'

I don't look at the degrees you my have hanging on your wall.  I am not interested in your formal education.  I'm only interested in the inner self of you, where your real Self dwells! 

After all you cannot be measured solely by education or by the environment in which you live.  It is my belief that one more thing must be added in order to attain any greatness.  And that one very important thing is this:  the real source of all knowledge is within your "Soul".

In this way, my journey and goal in life is to help you find the true power that lies within you. The deeper part of yourself that is not revealed.  So allow me to reach inside of you with my words, teachings, and knowledge to bring out the infinite wonders of YOU.  Allow that gentle breath of God's teachings to touch your soul.  Allow His force of Love & Light to bring Life finally back into you. 

It is my goal to help you make your life into what God intended it to be:  Full of Hope...Full of Wishes...Full of Peace.  A place where the serenity of your own soul's progression will finally come about.

It is not often in a lifetime that one is granted such an opportunity as
this.  These lessons take the confusion, misunderstandings and distortions away.  These methods for unfolding your true potential are by far the best in the world, because they are the true essence of God and spirituality.

The teachings and disciplines that I use are derived from the ancient Master teachers of old.  These teachings are of the Highest bestowed upon all mankind.  I have been privileged to penetrate the veil of God's world and bring back astounding information for your soul's learning. 

My teachings are acclaimed throughout the world.  I have been blessed with the renown notoriety as one of the finest spiritual teachers of all time.  These teachings cannot be obtained from any traditional,  religious or academic school. 

In addition, these lessons will help you to be in harmony with where-you-are at this very moment in time.  You will know deep within yourself the Eternal mystic truths which God has always wanted you to know about your life.

The teachings will also include the science of the soul.  In so far as how it progresses in one's life.  All of the ancient Mysteries will be revealed:  Birth, Death and the Afterlife will all be explained in detail.  You will be taught about your "Third Eye."  The all-seeing Eye of the super-conscious.  You will learn about the chakra system...the fire of the kundalini and the wonderful art of healing. 

And there is more I will explain about: man, human, the divine, the soul, the over soul, the auras, the auric force fields, your bodies, the higher planes of life, immortality, the many dimensions of heaven, and last but not least the ultimate liberation of the soul.

I will teach how you too, can contact God, your angels and your Higher Self.  It is here where you will finally be able to listen to the voice of God and read the Akashic records as I do.  And you will learn to tap into the Universal Mind of God that is available to everyone.

There are many paths that one can be guided into the understandings and knowledge of God and His laws.  My path was laid out since age three.  Your path, likewise, will be different from others.  Yet, with the special teachings given here, you too, will receive what your soul and mind needs for your journey in this life time.

As you search for the truths about yourself and about life in general some of you will feel more comfortable in a church setting and this is as it should be for your soul.  There again, some of you may never, wish to be a joiner of any group.  There will also be ones who will search for beliefs in the many books you read or classes you attend.   No matter the path you seek and choose in this life time to complete your journey-it will be the right one. 

For each of our souls, there will come a day when all paths will merge into the way of light, the way  of the mystics that have come before us.  Set forth for all of us a long time ago.    It is here that all religions, no matter what denominations or belief, merge with science.  It also is here that the truth well be known in its simplest form of purity and wholeness.

My soul has traveled with many seers, Hierophants and great souls of the
past.  In these many journeys of life, my soul has received the teachings of
Jesus and Moses.  I have traveled back into this lifetime to bring forth the many truths I have learned.  Again, the call has come for me that "Now is the time."  The time is now to give these truths to you!

Our hope therefore, is that this website will be a place of light to those who have felt they were in darkness.  We hope that you will want to join us as part of this eternal plan.  That you too, will want to be a light in a world that needs it so badly. 

Through our many teachings we ask that you throw away those things that do not seem to fit within you at this time.  Perhaps at another time in your life you will feel like picking them up once again to study.

Personally, I can only tell you that the truth becomes a thrilling adventure and a most welcome release for the soul.  I invite and welcome you to enjoy your spiritual fellowship with others like yourself.

I will bring you teachings that will not only teach you how to find your Higher Self but will ultimately lead you to the secret of initiation of that Self.

On this beautiful journey we know that by learning to sit in silence, you will find  the art of meditation and the secrets unfolding within you as to your own God- powers.  You will hear the voice of wisdom speak to you soul to soul as it has for me over these many years.  You will hear the voice of "the silence" as  it speaks in your inner ear, "This is the way."  As this small, still voice pours its teachings by way of your own Higher Self, it then contacts that part of yourself  which opens you to a world of peace that you have sought for so long and could not find.

I believe that each person should have the freedom to praise God in whatever way he/she feels fit to do.  I have no creed or dogma to offer you. Instead, I say to you that, during your teachings with us, you will never need to reject your own present affiliation to any religious denomination. 

We are a non-sectarian and a non-denominational site.  We have no precepts which will bind your mind in any way.  My teachings are only for those spirits who wish to learn and understand about the mysteries of the universe and yes, even those mysteries buried in the words of the Scriptures. 

In the lessons give you quotes from the scriptures. I may at times be using the Christian Bible to do so.   My teachings, however, will always urge each of you to become your own teacher.  I am not someone you must put on a pedestal or follow.  You consistently will be taught to follow the-God-within-you and your own Higher Self. 

I therefore urge you to seek the truth for yourself and analyze for yourself all that I teach.  In this way, you will use your intuition and allow this path of awareness and knowledge to lead you to your own beliefs. 

You are never subject to any commands by any earthly teacher-including myself.  I will never seek to have any kind of authority over your mind at any time.  You will be asked over and over again to seek for yourself that which seems TRUTH to you.  Letting go of all other things that do not seem to fit within your beliefs.

I believe in spiritual healing and for many years I had a healing center  (mentioned in my book Beyond Positive Thinking). I have combined the ancient healing methods that even the Healer of Nazareth used while He walked the earth as part of the healings I sends to those who request it.   

Now we ask that you join our Healing-Prayer circle where you will give us a healing petition for yourself or if someone needs a healing and we will pray for them/you.   Members of our group are privileged to petition us at anytime no matter the problem.  All problems are held in strictest confidence.  (Read more about this under prayer section)

You may now get your daily "Tune-up."  Send a picture of a loved one or one of yourself we can pray for you or your loved ones daily.  By doing a spiritual cleansing, (daily "Tune-up) of your and their aura.  (Along with using a scientific prayer, using magnetic energies for the healing White Light and mental visualizations,) I will keep  you mentally, physically and spiritually cleansed for your well being throughout the year.

ESP classes will be Coming Soon.  Our classes will investigate the psychic and spiritual powers of humankind.  These classes will be conducted by myself,  or my daughter, Cynthia Langston, who has studied with me for over the last twenty five years.  Classes will be devoted to extensive research into clairvoyance, telepathy, reincarnation, astral projection, reading auras, healing, intuition, studies of the mind and all subjects related to unfolding the powers of the mind. 

These teachings are blended with the esoteric teachings of India, Tibet, Egypt and Greece.  My formal education has been with the teachings of Christianity starting at the age of three.  Some of her mentors have been: Dr. Robert Schuller, [the Crystal Cathedral (Successful Church Leadership)], Dr. Norman Vincent Peale,  (The Power of Positive Thinking),  Dr. Joseph Murphy (The Power of Your Subconscious Mind) and the Master Maharaj Charan Singh of India and Seer Emil Schmidt (in God's world.)   In 1976 I founded my own church, Hope Ministries located here in Cincinnati, Ohio.       

I believe in the rich heritage from all thoughts of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and many another great spiritual movements which I believe have touched the inner consciousness of enlightened humankind.  And it is through each one throughout the ages,  that I have been able to see that "Truth is one, although men have  given it many names."  It is these truths I wish to reveal to you!

Throughout your various visits to my web site you will see many writings that will be of a wide range of metaphysical, mystic, philosophic and psychic subjects. I believe in the whole person and, therefore, feel we must be taught about the benefits of meditation, spiritual healing, as well as practical philosophy.  The use of recorded tapes (which runs in  the thousands) along with numerous videos will be used in my teachings.

Depending upon your interests, I'm sure you will find something to enjoy among our varied subject matters which deal with mysticism, esoteric teachings, psychic, Self-realization, the human aspects of man, spiritual healing, reincarnation, karma, concentration, meditation, prophecy and every phase of the metaphysical world.

If any of our subjects do not appeal to you, however, you are never required to accept them or even study them.  Remember you are always free to choose and believe only those teachings which appeal to your own personal truths.

These teachings will be brought to you through the many "free" things you can download onto your computer.  Through the paid membership area (where you can join us when our psychic development classes become available) you may also learn through the many tapes, books and videos that are offered in the Patricia's Mall area. 

Moreover, some may wish to volunteer in our work.  Know that we need you.  We ask that you write to Patricia Mischell at her address on our website as to what you feel you can offer.  We have one Web designer who is busy with the building the site. If you have any expertise with computers and would like to assist Tina let us know.  In the meantime, we know you will enjoy our site.  It was written with you in mind, heart and soul.. 

With much Love & Light

, Cynthia Langston and Tina Paisley

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