You are an author as is everyone in this universe that has ever lived since the inception of time.  That's right, you are an author.  The story you have written was not done in the normal manner with a pen, computer or typewriter.  Instead the story was written by every act, deed, thought, feeling, action, interactions, and intent that you have ever had or done in your lifetime.  This story was imprinted in The Book of Life.  The title of your story is your name and it is stored in the most amazing libraries of all  "The Akashic Records."  This Library holds the story of creation and all that has ever been a part of creation.  Your story will not be found on the top ten best selling list.  Nor will it be accessible to just anyone for your Guardian Angles to tell your story.   

The Akashic Records and the Book of Life are one of the same. It is the only completely accurate genealogical record in the universe.  Holding the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation and connecting each one of us to the other.  They are the inspiration for dreams and inventions.  They hold the inspiration for every symbol or story which has ever deeply touched patterns of human behavior and experience. 

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