"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"
Edgar Allen Poe

Questions about dreams have been pondered through history. "Why do we dream?", "What are dreams?" and "What do dreams mean?" these are the questions for which many have no answers for.  Or do they?

Of all of the questions about dreams "Why do we dream?" seems to be the most perplexing.  Many theories about why we dream have been espoused.  It is suggested, by sleep researchers, that dreams help organize memories into patterns that help learning.  Dreams allow us to re-experience events and then put them back into storage. 

Privileged Readers of the Akashic records believe that we have been given dreams for our benefit.  Edgar Casey believed that "because we are spiritual beings we have the potential to experience many different levels of awareness while in the dream state from which we may gain insight about all aspects of life."  Some sleep researchers would agree with Casey's theory and call the dream state "The third level of existence."  Researchers have also been quoted as saying that "REM sleep is as if you had literally traveled to another world" and "you have in essence entered a different form of existence."

"What are dreams?"  Some believe dreams are omens of both good and bad events to come.  There are others that believe it is our subconscious desires manifesting in our unconscious state, sleep.  Still there are people that believe dreams are our "internal entertainment system" so to speak (self contained TV perhaps).   The later would make you wonder if the whole idea of theater, movies and television didn't come from dreams.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to believe that the idea of TV came from someone's dreams. Many ideas and inventions have come from dreams.  One of the most amazing things to think about is that technical information has been rendered from dreams.  People that have had no technical education have been given the instructions for developing a technical device via a dream.  Chance perhaps?        

You could say dreams work in very much the same way as our intuition works while we are in a meditative state. As our mind is at rest, it is not cluttered with the thoughts of the day and can more freely tune itself into the signals or messages of the universe. As in meditation our minds pick up clips of movies or pictures that at first are hard to associate any meaning to.  But nevertheless most of the events witness transpire.  An example of information acquired in drams is the life of Madame C. J. Walker, (born Sarah Breedlove).  She was the first black millionaire acquiring her fortune from information given to her in a dream.  Sarah suffered from alepecia (balding) until one night she dreamed of an old man that showed her things to mix up for her hair.  When she awoke she gave the formula a try.  She mixed various ingredients given to her in the dream and tried the mixture on herself.  The formula was a success.  She became famous for her hair-care-products and is best know for inventing the pressing comb and conditioner used for straightened hair.  Sarah died in 1919, her estate was valued at two million dollars. 

Developing the ability to know "what dreams mean" and how to associate them is a process much like developing any of your psychic senses. You must be diligent!  In order to utilize your dream insights fully, it is necessary to be consistent in recording them each day, (Learn more in  Patricia Michell's newest book What Happens When We Die, Sign up for your copy now.) Even if it is just fragments of a dream that you recall upon awakening, write down everything you remember, impressions, feelings, colors, people, etc.  Do this prior to starting your daily routine. Often we will forget pieces of the dream as the day goes on.  Next, look at the dream from different levels:  relationships, job, career, education, health, any circumstances currently being dealt with in waking life.  If you dream about people you recognize remember to write down everything that comes to mind, their attitude, look, feelings about that person.  Everything that comes to mind should be logged in your journal.  

People often dream about a person or occasion that seems to have been triggered by a recent event in their life.  The unconscious uses actual experiences and weaves  them into a tapestry to portray a message it wishes to bring to the attention of the dreamer.  Once you start the process of logging your dreams you will notice that your dreams are giving instructions on how to proceed in many areas of your life.  The person that believes that dreams are our subconscious desires manifesting in our unconscious state would not be all wrong.  Dreams can be a tool to help people to recognize and accept the many varied aspects of themselves, some of which may be unconscious.  Some may be aspects of ourselves that we do not want to examine, such as our behavior when mean and rude actions, fears or desires or areas in our life that are out of balance.  While other dreams such as Madame C. J. Walker is information given to you from a Devine source and needs no interpretation.  Dreams can be a clear direction or path to take.

Once a correlation from a dream has been made to an actual situation in your life, you may decide upon a course of action. Asking for answers to a particular problem prior to sleep will help your find answers in your dreams. As this amazing universe works, it will give us dreams about what we need most at a given time.  Looking at our present situations or needs will aid you in your quest to find the answers to and in your dreams.    



















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