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What Happens When We Die   pnewana.gif (9827 bytes)  

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What Happens When We Die has the answers to all the questions you have always wanted to know and had no one to ask.  Is there a world beyond, and if so, what is it like?  What happens at the moment of death?  Are we alone when we die, or is there someone there to greet us?  Is there pain after we die, and do we live again? Do we get a different physical body after death?  Is there a heaven?  Is there a hell?  Is there a purgatory? What happens to those who commit suicide?  What does God look like?  What do the different kingdoms look like?  Do we have a guardian angel who helps us make the transition?  Are our prayers heard in heaven?  Can we talk to the deceased?  How do they communicate to us?  Do we have personal possessions, such as cars or a home?  Do we have wisdom and knowledge in heaven?  And MUCH more!

Beyond Positive Thinking


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10100 - Patricia's book has many mind techniques that will help you change your way of thinking and guide you to a level far beyond positive thinking. 
  • Discover the laws of the Supreme Intelligence

  • Techniques for positive Thinking

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Learn to set goals for yourself

  • Learn to release negative attitudes such as worry, fear, guilt, self-pity and insecurity.

  • Techniques on how to pray and get what you pray for.

  • Techniques on how to meditate

  • Affirmations and how to affirm  what you want.

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Protect your health with
Dailey Tune-Up's

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    The Elements of Illness

Illness is the result of a combination of factors.  Just as our body is influenced by toxins, bacteria and virus from the environment, we are also influenced by factors from within.  The evidence is mounting, even in traditional Western medicine,  that our thoughts and emotions affect our health.  This inner influence, (often referred to as the connection between the mind and the body), affects us more than we realize.

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