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Video's are distributed on a rental basis only.  If you live in the U.S. you will receive two weeks to view and return the video.  Other countries will receive one month to review and return due to postal delays.  Your due date will be sent to you with your video.

Your credit card will be charged $25.  The cost of the rental is $13.  A security deposit of $12 applies and will be refunded when the video is returned on time.  Postage fees are figured in the rental price of the video.   A self-addressed mailing package to return the video will be provided for your convenience.

Angels & How They Help Us In Our Everyday Life pnewana.gif (9827 bytes)

Video $19.95

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This Video on Angels will bring tears to your eyes and a smile on your lips as you watch with delight as Patricia communicates with the audience about Angels in their everyday lives.

Patricia's great sense of humor comes through on this Video as she tells some great Angel stories that happened in her life starting at the age of three. Find out how angels are able to fix things that are broken.  Help you write books and so much more.  

Patricia says, "If you did not believe in angels, after viewing this Video she knows you will!"

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Barbara Gains receives a new lease on life after her reading with Patricia Mischell.  Barbara receives information regarding the death of her husband John Gains.

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Jerry Springer Show
Spirit Communication with Patricia Mischell and Dannion Brinkley.   Mary Mrdarcchia learns to let go of guilt and live again.  Jeannie and Joan's mother speaks to them from the other side and gives them encouragement and warnings.  Kimber McNeil gets a surprise reading and learns how to heal the past.
This video will shock and impress you as it did the studio audience. 
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