"We are but Spiritual beings who are currently having a 
material experience"
Edgar Cayce
I became fascinated by the concept of reincarnation as being a means that could possibly establish physical proof that the essential self did survive the death experience and continue as a spirit for that would eventually in some way be incarnated into another earthly body.

The real fascination of this did not come to me however until I had a visit with my grandmother after she had taken a new body in God's world to live her new life.

My grandmother contacted me from the other world and when she did she told me not to be sad about her leaving me, that one day she would be able to sit with me again and we would hold hands with each other as we had when she was in the earth.

This thought of holding her hand was indeed a warm one.  Yet, I had no belief at that time of reincarnation or had any idea that such a belief existed.

I remember telling my daughter Cynthia of our visit and what my grandmother had said. Her answer to me was, "Mom haven't you heard of reincarnation where someone dies and is reborn again back into another life time?"  My answer to Cynthia was, "I am not sure I really believe this can be done"  I believe when one dies they have eternal life, so I am not sure how this fits in!"

However, once I began moving into God's world and getting information about "what happens we we die"  I soon realized that we indeed "Live Again" but not in the way my daughter or I had thought we did.

It seems that when one passes on into their new world to live again, their spirit goes to that place in which it is to reside.  Their soul goes to be with God to reside with him until God and the soul makes a decision to take on a new body and return back into life again.  I was told that not all of the souls had to reincarnate but only a partial part of the soul would have to return back to be with the new personality that it would overshadow while in the earth.

When asking why this was to be?  I was told, "To be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is."  That this was the way one perfected themselves.

It meant that my grandmother who had passed away would always remain in her world to have an eternal life and only a part of her soul (if she came back into an earthly body) would reincarnate  which made me feel so much better knowing if I should leave the earth she would still be there waiting for me. 

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