Talk with Patricia Mischell about your personal concerns in a Psychic Reading.  The psychic guidance you receive during a reading often provides you with greater clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

Please prepare a written list of personal concerns you would like to receive psychic guidance on physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual and have the list with you during the reading.  Or, if your reading is by phone, e-mail the questions before hand.  Patricia Mischell can review them before the reading,  this will save you time and money.

As you talk with Patricia Mischell openly and honestly about your personal concerns, she will offer you psychic guidance in a loving, compassionate, wise, straight-forward, and sometimes humorous manner. The information that Patricia receive using her sixth psychic senses is often meaningful, freeing, and healing. She encourages you, empower you, and help you to make positive choices in your life. Patricia Mischell will share what she psychically sees, feels, hears, and intuitively knows to help you co-create the life you choose to live.

Patricia will ask you personal questions to help you clarify your concerns, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. She will add to and expand upon the information that you share with her. Together, Patricia Mischell and yourself  will explore your personal concerns more deeply so that you may arrive at a clearer understanding of yourself, your life, and how you can co-create the life you choose to live.

Remember that dates are often the hardest for the psychic to pin down, but Patricia will do the best she can with these.

During this personal reading you can ask about your Spirit Guide/-Guardian Angel names.  You can ask them questions if you would like to.  You can ask Patricia about past lives you have lived or someone else you have an interest in.

Patricia Mischell does the above readings in the following way.  She move into your vibrations or the vibrations of someone you tell her about.   Patricia then moves into the Akashic records which records every thought, word and action that anyone has every done in any life time.   Some people call this contacting the Universal Mind of God, the Cosmic Mind, the collective consciousness or the collective subconscious.  After contacting this energy Patricia Mischell can tell how you came into life, what energy you had over you at birth and perhaps why it is that you are going through the good times and the bad times of your life.

Patricia Mischell can tell if the person you tell her about by the first name and an age of the person with a month and day of birth not the year that you give her.  She is not an astrologer.  Exp:  7-2  John Jones age around 40 or 40 years of age, similar to an address or phone number in the spirit world. 

Patricia can tell you what color of aura you have around you, that is, if you are sitting before her in Patriciaís office when she does the reading.

Patricia can do healings for you via a photograph of you or the person who needs the healing tune-up.  The tune-ups cost $1.00 a day.  More infomation on daily tune-up's.  Astounding reports of healings she has done in this manner will be advertised soon.

There really isnít any restrictions on questions you can ask her.  Patricia Mischell is able to tune in and come up with the answer using my sixth sense or second sight to do so.

Patricia can use her gifted psychic ability to see and  feel objects such as a ring etc of a person to receive answers from them.  However, Patricia prefers using a picture of a person as this is her true gift.  Patricia does not need a picture of a person if there is none available as she can still use the vibrations from their name to do the reading.  Patricia Mischell is able to see the past as well as the present along with the future.  She uses mental telepathy when contacting a spirit in the World of God.

If you have had a dream and need Patricia Mischell to explain the meaning of the dream she can do this for you.

All readings are taped recorded for your convenience.  Each taped reading is given to you personal If the reading is done in her office.  If the reading is done via phone the tape is sent to you.  Patricia Mischellís office DOES NOT keep any tapes of your reading unless requested.  The office space is  just not big enough to file this information for you.

Please know that Patricia DOES NOT endorse nor is she affiliated with any Psychic "hot lines," ads in papers for readings, or any 900 numbers. If anyone is calling themselves Patricia Mischell  on one of these hot lines they are a fraud. The only way to contact Patricia Mischell for a Psychic reading or other readings offered is through her office.  Phone:  513-563-1744 or out-of-town call her toll free number at 1-888-635-4107.

Please know that Patricia DOES NOT endorse nor are affiliated with any Psychic "hot lines," ads in papers for readings, or any 900 numbers. If anyone is calling themselves Patricia Mischell or are on one of these lines they are a fraud. The only way to get a hold of Patricia  a reading is through her office at this number 513-563-1744 or out-of-town people can call a toll free number 1-888-635-4107

Patriciaís website is constantly being updated. Please check back frequently for new and exciting information.

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