A Mediumship Reading/Spirit Contact reading are one of the same.  It reunites you and your loved ones who are now living in the Spirit World. Mediumship offers comfort, closure, healing, peace, hope, and joy to both you and your loved ones in Spirit.  A Mediumship Reading can be life changing.  If you are ready to move forward in your life, a Mediumship Reading can help you to release any sadness, grief, hurt, and anger you may be feeling.

Mediumship requires a certain amount of chemistry between you, your loved ones in Spirit, your Spirit Guides.  Patricia Mischel, medium/channel suggests you help increase the possibility of hearing from your loved ones in Spirit by being relaxed and saying a prayer asking your loved ones to communicate during the reading.

Please, only make an appointment for a Mediumship/Spirit Contact Reading if you have a sincere need and strong desire to reconnect with a specific loved one in Spirit.  If you are skeptical, looking for proof, just curious, very depressed, very nervous, or don't have anyone specific person in spirit that you would like to hear from, you would most likely detract from the quality of your reading. That's because it makes it much harder for Patricia to tune into you and into your loved ones and for the Spirit World to communicate.  So, relax and enjoy your reading.

To make sure you contact the person you wish to speak to Patricia Mischell suggests you give their full name, birthday and day of death.  Why does she need this?  Because this is the way Patricia can contact the soul much like an address or a phone number.  You must remember there are thousands of Bill Smithís in the world of God, so we want to make sure the right Bill Smith shows up.

Before you have a Mediumship Reading with Patricia Mischell, talk to your loved ones in your mind, your meditations or your thoughts. Be sure and tell them the day and time of your appointment. Tell them you want to hear from them again in this way. Tell them you are ready for communication to take place.  Prior to your reading, please prepare a written list of personal concerns you would like to receive psychic guidance on physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and have the list with you during the reading.

When you get your session, relax and have an open mind.  Itís a good idea to pray, meditate or just rest in a few minutes of calm silence before your session. Your energy has a great influence on how well the reading goes.

After your spirit contact reading, Patricia will ask you personal questions to help you clarify your concerns, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. She will add to and expand upon the information that you share with her. Together, you and Patricia Mischell will explore your personal concerns more deeply so that you may arrive at a clearer understanding of yourself, your life, and how you can co-create the life you choose to live.

As you talk with Patricia openly and honestly about your personal concerns, She offers you psychic guidance in a loving, compassionate, wise, straight-forward way, and a sometimes humorous manner. The information that Patricia Mischell receives IS meaningful, freeing, and healing. She encourages you, empower you with information, and helps you to make positive choices in your life. Patricia will share what she psychically sees, feels, hears, and intuitively knows to help you co-create the life you choose to live.

The psychic guidance you receive after the Mediumship part of your reading often provides you with greater clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

How does the spirit communcate?

All mediums never know whatís going to happen in a reading. Mediums are just the telephone or the messenger passing along a message to you or to someone you know here from someone in Spirit. Itís a delicate balance of your energy, openness, and readiness, along with the of the Psychic to tune in to you and in to the Spirit World, and your loved ones in Spiritís ability to communicate.

Your loved ones communicate with Patricia using their thoughts. She may hear names, words or harasses. Patricia Mischell may feel their personality traits, the way they passed or the emotion of what they want to communicate to you. Patricia may see a memory that the two of you shared together when they were here on the Earth plane or she may be shown something about your life that letís you know they are still aware of what is going on in your life.

What Spirits may come through:

It is always a blessing when loved ones in Spirit desire to reconnect during a reading. Patricia Mischell will always do her very best to make a connection between you and your loved ones, but no medium can promise that a connection will be made, who will come through, what your loved ones will say if they do come through, and how long they will talk. Often, Patricia has found they can say things to you, but when you ask them questions they do not always answer them. Sometimes they will answer your questions, but it is of important for you to know this.

People are sometimes surprised by who comes through in a reading.  Patricia Mischell finds that if someone comes through in a Mediumship Reading, itís usually the people that need to come through for whatever their personal reason.

We donít always understand why certain people come through and others donít or why maybe no one is able to communicate.  Sometimes the Spirit your wishing to contact is not yet ready to visit this Earth Plane just yet.  In order to receive a message, you have to be open and ready to receive.  If you arenít open and ready, you probably wonít make the connection. Again, relax, trust, and know that whatever happens during the reading is for your highest and best growth, healing, and understanding at this time. 

Itís important to be patient, to listen closely to what Patricia Mischell is telling you, to acknowledge whoever comes through once you know who it is, and to make the best effort you can to validate the message.  Thereís always a reason someone comes through even if we donít immediately understand why.  We have to trust that things are happening for the highest and best for all concerned, including those we love in Spirit, and have faith in knowing that God/Source is overseeing the entire process.

Sometimes, in rare cases, Patricia Mischell may not connect with the loved one you were hoping to hear from. If that happens, please speak up and ask her to try and make the connection for you. As mentioned above, Patricia will need to know the name, age and day of death and the relationship of the person who is now in Spirit in order to try and make that connection for you. Also it could be that, for whatever reasons, we just arenít able to make a connection with someone at that time. It doesnít mean there wasnít anyone in Spirit wanting to speak with you. This can happen for many reasons. If we do not make a connection, itís suggested that you try again later and continue to talk with your loved ones in your thoughts, meditations, and prayers. Continue to send them your love. They will receive it.

If you hear from someone in Spirit that you had difficulties with, please have an open mind and be willing to listen to their message.  Sometimes hearing from the people we had a difficult time with can help us and help them to forgive, to heal, and to move forward in our lives.

What information Spirit may tell you: 

It is important to understand that when someone crosses over into the Spirit side of life, they usually donít immediately become all wise, all knowing, and all loving. People pretty much retain their personality as you knew them.  But, sometimes they may seem to have matured a bit. They may show a greater love, sense of peace, compassion, and understanding of things. They may be more loving, accepting, and forgiving. They may now see how they were from a higher spiritual perspective and want to apologize to you or someone else for their words or actions while they were here.  You may read about the reasons for this in Patricia Mischellís new upcoming book, Beyond, What Happens When We Die

Your loved ones may come through with specific details and important messages of love and healing or they may offer you small references to validate that it is really them and offer you a message. A lot of times, itís the little things that come through in a reading that Patricia Mischell couldnít have known that validate your loved onesí presence. Thatís because itís often the little things that mean the most to us and that we remember and treasure.

Mediumship readings help you to know that your loved ones are still alive in Spirit and that they are okay. If your loved ones were hurting  physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually before they made their transition, please know that they are now okay.

They also want you to know that they love you very much. They are still with you in Spirit even though you may not have the high sensitivity required to be able to see, feel or hear as mediums do. Your loved ones are aware of what is happening in your life and still care about what is happening in your life as they did when they were in this life.

The information that comes through is very loving, uplifting, and healing, truthful, compassionate, and wise and for the highest and best for all.  Be assured that you will get whatever you need most according to your Higher Self/Soul, your Spirit Guides, and your loved ones in Spirit.

When someone in Spirit wants you to deliver a message for him or her to someone else, it's important that you try and do so. It can be very healing to the other person and help them to move forward in their life knowing that their loved one in Spirit is still with them. them.

When Patricia Mischell tells you that the Spirits are pulling their energies back and are leaving for now, please let that be enough. Send a prayer of thanks to God/Source and to those you love in Spirit for what you received during the session, for their messages of love and comfort, and for making their presence known to you again. Sometimes, without intending to, itís possible for mediums to misinterpret who is communicating and what the message is. If this happens, but you still understand the message and who is speaking, please be fair and tell Patricia so that she may move forward with the reading.

Confirm Information: 

As Patricia Mischell shares information with you, it's important that you acknowledge who's communicating from Spirit and how you knew this person. Once you have acknowledged who is speaking from Spirit or who Spirit is speaking about that is still living here on the Earth plane, your loved ones can then hopefully relay a message to you or for you to pass onto someone else who is here.

Sometimes Patricia Mischell will get names in a Mediumship Reading. If Patricia gives you a name, please think of those you know who are now living in Spirit as well as those you know who are still living on the Earth plane.  Think of the people in your family, your distant relatives whom you may not have known, friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, and anyone else that you know that has that name.

Sometimes the names come from relatives or friends and relatives that have passed away one-hundred years ago. There is no guarantee you will get the person you are requesting if that person does not wish to talk with you or come into the earth realm again.

You may need to ask your spouse, partner, family, relatives, friends or colleagues about the name or information that Patricia has given to you in order to get verification and to understand the full message.

If I get a name from Spirit, it may be referring to one of the following:

  1. Who the person in Spirit is.

  2. Who the person in Spirit wants you to pass a message onto that is still living on the Earth plane.

  3. A relative or friend that may have died many years ago.

  4. Sometimes the names can be from the people who are living over in Godís world and just want to see what is happening.  Itís sometimes hard to get the name Spirit is telling me exactly right.  Names may sound like the name of the person you knew. Or, often it can be a sound alike name. Ron could be a Don! If you recognize the name Patricia Mischell is telling you whether itís someone in Spirit or someone still living here on the Earth plane, please speak up and tell her so she can move on and learn what the message is

After your reading:

It pleases them greatly to know that you know they are still alive and well in Spirit. Say, "Hi" when you recognize their presence.   After the Mediumship portion of the reading, Patricia will give you the opportunity to talk with her about your personal concerns in a Psychic Reading. She suggest just in case the spirit does not come through that you continue your reading with a Personal Psychic Reading. This way you will receive something in your reading.

Always remember you can continue to have contact with your loved ones in Spirit through your prayers, thoughts, and meditations. Also, be sensitive to the subtle and not so subtle energies and signs from your loved ones. This is their way of keeping in touch with you and of sending you their love.

Remember to appreciate the message you receive and to thank the Spirits who communicated during the reading no matter what the message was, how short or long the message was or who came through from Spirit. It takes a great deal of energy from you, Patricia, and from those you love in Spirit to be able to communicate in a Mediumship Reading.

Our consciousness and the love we shared lives on in the Spirit World even after we choose to leave our physical bodies. The love we shared with one another is everlasting. Please know that your loved ones are really okay. They are still with you and they are guiding you and supporting you on your journey until you meet them again in Spirit.


Q.  Is there a certain amount of time that I should wait after someone has passed on before trying to make contact with my loved ones in Spirit in our Mediumship Reading?

A.  There is not a certain amount of time that you should wait, but you do want to wait long enough so that you are over some of the deepest part of your grief. Itís important to be able to be relaxed during a Mediumship Reading because your relaxed energies help your loved ones to come through. Therefore, you might want to wait 3 Ė 6 months before having a Mediumship Reading if you are really upset to allow enough time to get over your initial grief. Loved ones may not show up if you are really upset because they donít want to upset you further.

Q:  What happens to people who commit suicide?

A:  When you leave your physical body, your personality / consciousness / your Spirit lives on in the Spirit World. While you are there, you take time to reflect on your life and on your choices and actions. You review your life on the Earth plane and examine it closely. You see how your actions and choices affected others. You also realize that you still have to learn the same lessons and work out the same problems either in the Spirit World with Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers or by your soul reincarnating into another physical body later. You canít escape yourself and your problems. There is no judgment by others on the other side of people who took their own life. You judge yourself on the other side and begin to realize that you must take responsibility for your choices. Often, there is some remorse for having taken their life. There is a desire to apologize and to let you know that they are okay. They are learning from their past choices and are being helped to understand and overcome these issues by others in the Spirit side of life.

Q.. When we dream we saw someone who has crossed over was that a real contact with him or her?

A.  If it felt real, it was real! Dreams are an excellent way of reuniting with your loved ones and for them to reunite with you. You are more relaxed and open to making the connection with your loved ones in Spirit while you are in your dream state.

Q.  Do my loved ones in Spirit hear and see me and know whatís going on?

A.  Yes. They are not interested in what you do in the bathroom or bedroom.  They are coming from a Spiritual World where their concerns are of a spiritual nature. They check in from time to time to see if you are okay and to help in any way they can. In fact, when they visit and you are in a private situation such as bathing, taking your clothes off or any other private act, there is a veil that comes up over their faces and they cannot see anything. This is Godís blessings for them.

Your loved ones hear your thoughts and prayers when you speak to them in your mind and prayers. You can ask them for help with things. You can ask them to let you know that they are still with you. If you are open to receiving communication from them, you will be able to use your psychic / spiritual sensitivity to notice them through the things you hear, see, and feel. Pay attention to synchronistic events and coincidences as well for signs and reminders of your loved ones. Your loved ones are still with you and they love you very much.

Q.  Is it okay to try and make contact with my loved ones who are now living in Spirit and to ask them for?

A.  Yes, itís okay to still send them your love, to talk to them in private, to ask for help, and to pray to them, but donít call on them all the time because they need to learn and grow in the Spirit World too. Also, know that it makes your loved ones sad when they check in on you and find that you are still grieving over their physical absence. They know you miss them. They miss you too, but they connect with you when they can and when you need them. Look, listen, and feel with your inner spiritual / psychic senses and you will recognize when theyíre with you.

Q.  What happens to pets when they cross over?

A.  Pets also go to the Spirit World and are with your loved ones in Spirit. They sometimes come through in a Mediumship Reading to let you know they are okay and that they still love you. You may sense their presence around you as well. Look, listen, and feel with your inner sensitivity to the higher, finer vibrations of spirit around you. They are there, sending you their love. You can also choose to reconnect with them in a dream.

Q.  Will I see my loved ones and pets that are now in Spirit again?

A.  Yes, you will be greeted when you cross over into the Spirit World by those you loved, including your pets, and those who loved you. Itís a wonderful, joyful reunion!

Q.  Do people feel pain when they make their transition?

A.  The actual moment of transition from the Physical World to the Spirit World is like waking up from a nap. Your consciousness moves from this awareness to that awareness very simply. The actual act or moment of crossing over and leaving your physical body is painless.   If someone experiences pain before their transition, they will not be in pain in the Spirit World. You donít experience physical pain when you no longer have a physical body.

Q.  How far back in my family tree could I hear from someone during our Mediumship Reading?

A.  Hundreds of years. Remember to those who live in Godís world there is no time. There is no limit. That's why you may need to ask someone in your family when you get home about the information that came through in a Reading to have it validated.  Remember you could also hear from someone your spouse, partner, friend or colleague knows in Spirit or knows here on the Earth plane. ( I know that sounds strange as to why they would come through, but, then, if you may be the only link for them to give a message to someone on the earth they will not pass it up.

Q.  Can I ask my loved ones a question during our Mediumship Reading?

A.  Let me speak first and say whatever I am getting for you from Spirit.  Please let me finish receiving the messages before you ask any questions.   When I am done talking, then you can ask me something and we can try to get an answer.  What your loved ones say is beyond my control, but you can certainly ask and I will do my best to receive an answer for you. As I have said, often, I do not always get the answers back from them that one ask of them.  If you want to know the code to a special box you want to open, they, just, may not have that code in their memory anymore.  Most memories that mean nothing to them are erased during there reading of the Book of Life

Q. What happens when we die? 

A.  I have writing a book about this subject and hope to have it published in the year 2005.  I feel it will offer much hope, love, comfort, healing, inspiration, and understanding on this subject:  The Title should be "BEYOND -What Happens When We Die."  Please let my office know if you would like a copy of this book and we will put your name on a waiting list for the book.  You can also order a copy on my website.

This book will change the way you think about life after death and about your loved ones ability to communicate with you from the spirit world. I have several transcripts of peoples readings with their deceased loved ones in the book, along with information collected from the world of God, along with my own personal experiences I incurred at the age of eleven when I died on an operating table

"BEYOND What Happens When We Die" will help you to increase your ability to see, feel, hear, smell, and recognize your own loved ones who have crossed over. This book also gives you a good idea of what mediums experience psychically as they give you information and messages from your loved ones in spirit during mediumship readings. "BEYOND - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE" is beautifully and lovingly written. It is truly an inspiration


Inportant Notes: 

Skeptics believe the information you are give via a medium/spirit reading can be obtained via the internet or other research.  Patricia Mischell is an International Medium-Psychic and reads people from all over the world. It is impossible to come up with how the person died or give to you information that will only make sense to the two of you by means of using the internet or any other means of research.  The information you receive is very personal to you and your loved ones and no internet, book or other resources would have this information.  The Spirit World has their own set of rules and the only means of real contact with them is when a psychic medium is tuned in to their energy.

Please know that Patricia DO NOT endorse nor are affiliated with any Psychic "hot lines," ads in papers for readings, or any 900 numbers. If anyone is calling themselves Patricia Mischell or are on one of these lines they are a fraud. The only way to get a hold of Patricia  a reading is through her office at this number 513-563-1744 or out-of-town people can call a free toll number 1-888-635-4107



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