Spiacente, ma il tuo browser non supporta il Java Sorry, your browser doesn't suppor Java. The out-of-body experience (OBE or OOBE) is something I began experiencing at a very early age.  It was an extraordinary, mystifying & exhilarating experience for me to say the least.  Over the years it has become a life-changing experience for me.

Can you imagine being a young person flying outside my body?  Not wanting my grandmother who was sending me to my room for discipline to know what I was doing?  As a young person it became my window of insight into the world around me.  It allowed me to know more about my true potential and I was able to explore the universe around me. 

As the years have unfolded for me I have come to realize that each of us moves in and out of our bodies during certain times of the day & night.  Some of us do this during what we commonly refer to as day-dreaming. Some of us do this when we are extremely tired.  We come home from a trip after driving for hours, lie down on the bed and find ourselves still behind the wheel of the car or floating outside our bodies looking down at our body on the bed.

As I began to understand what OBE was and that not only I was being able to do this but I found in my research others were doing it too.  It  has been one of the most exciting journeys of my life.  It has moved me to search far beyond my own small limited self into another dimension of life. In my opinion, consciousness is one of the greatest  frontiers of all of us who have entered into this life stream. Each one has an opportunity to discover for ourselves this wonderful gift that God has given each of us to experience. 

When one experiences the "out-of-body experience" the experience is one of an altered state of consciousness.  It is almost like being in a dream state and yet the OBE is experienced as real.   It often seems  even more real and vivid than normal waking consciousness.

For me it was a state I perceived from a point in space apart from my physical body. And yet I  experienced a perception of sight, hearing, and even sensation independent of my physical body.

I had unlimited mobility. While in the out-of-body state I was able to "travel" to any location desired, with an unlimited speed.

I also experienced no limits in the time dimension. It was during such OBE that I would meet up with my Guide/angel and sometimes I would see others (whom I did not know) participating in things they were doing.  More often then not they seemed unaware that I even existed. And then at other times I would actually be experiencing an inner action with these people during the time of my travels.

It was during this time I often had direct communication with these other life forms.  At times I found myself not only in the earth's dimension but would find myself in locales associated with the afterlife.  I visited both the Heavens & even the inner worlds inside of the earth itself.  I also seemed to understand the thoughts of those around me.  There seemed to be no physical limitations for me during these experiences.

My writing of this material is to share with all of those who think that what you have experienced may not be real or normal.  But let me assure you OBE is normal and occurs fairly commonly, but is not commonly recognized for what it is.  

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