When your pet leaves the earth through death please know that they are always with you in this way.  Pets are spirits, just as all life is spirit.  When our pets pass away through death they always return back to visit with us. And they will often make themselves known through brushing up against us. Jumping on the bed and lying down next to us.  Even at times barking outside to get in.

Whenever the opportunity lends itself to communicate with them, they will do this through a medium such as myself.  Over the years, I have had hundreds of communications with animals and their loved ones. 

I have spoken to horses, cats, dogs, a pet pig and would you believe even a cow?  Over the years, I have had many animals communicate their love to their owners (their parents) whom they have left behind in the earth.  They tell them they are okay.  They tell them how much they are missed.  They share with them their appreciation of how thankful they were to have had them as family while here in the earth. 

For many of my clients communication from a pet can be just as moving as communication from a human loved one.  They, like the humans, communicate through mental telepathy which I call a thought-form.  The animal kingdom has a better development of thought-form, 'mental telepathy" than humans.  We see this when they are alive.  So often they will sit and look at us and use their minds to get us to do their bidding such as:  "Take me outside or get me a treat or I am hungry."  And, we seem to know what their desires are as they sit and stare at us intently. 

If you watch your animal, you will see that they focus their thoughts and with such intensity that you cannot help but read their wishes and do what they command.  I had a dog who if I didn't get his mental command he would come up and bark at me as if to verbalize his thoughts and say, "Hey mom get me what I want!"  It is in this same mental way the medium communicates their messages back to you. 

Also know that your animals often return back to you after they are deceased. They do this when you decide to get yourself another pet.  The way this happens is as follows: their spirits can move easily into that new pet.  You will notice that the new pet is acting just like the old pet did.  Has the same character, loves the same food, acts the same way they did when they were here. 

Many years ago, when I first realized I was able to read animals, it started with one of my students.  She had stayed over in class to talk and we were looking through my picture album.  My husband, at that time, who has now passed on had 50 head of cattle.  We lived on a 42 acre farm and one of his sons had the job of feeding the cows.  Well, there was a picture of one of the cows in the album.  My student said,. "Have you ever read animals before?" I said, "Not really."  She said, "Why don't you try and read that cow?"  I took the picture out of the album and began to read it as if it were a person.  The cow began to speak to me, It said, "I am so hungry.  I haven't had any food to eat for several days."  I said to my student, "I wonder if our son fed the cows."  Within an hour from that reading my husband received a call from the county police department saying our cows were roaming on the school grounds. They had gotten out of our pasture.  He awaked our son and told him to get up because they needed to round up the cows from the school. He asked him if he had fed the cows.  In which he replied, "Oh dad, I am so sorry I was so busy with my school work I haven't fed them for a few days."  My husband said the cows will roam outside of their surroundings when they are hungry!  Thus, my reading of the animal world had begun!

So, my friends, this is why we have a special place on our web site for your animals.  We see them as beloved pets.  They come into our lives and give us such joy and companionship.  They are spirit and they like humans, deserve to be honored and respected as such.  When they were here on the earth, they looked to you for spiritual guidance, love, kindness and their love for you has always been totally unconditional.

We hope you enjoy writing a memorial about your favorite pet (who like a human being) is very much alive but only in a different body, a spirit body. Please send your pictures and memorials to us so that we can honor them with you.


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