As I began to understand more and more about the Christ principles, I found a hunger and a thirst that to this day still needs to be filled. One of his principles is: They who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled Matt. 5:6.

Is there anyone of you who do not have a soul hunger? Do we not from the time we learn there is more and more to learn about the mysteries. Like the teachings of Jesus and the many ancient teachers of long ago.

For myself I can tell you that my (spirit from the moment it knew their was something magical about the mind and how it works) thirsted after more and more knowledge and understanding.

It was in this thirst I was led to those places in the world where I was connected to the universe & that wonderful presence of God. As I found myself visiting the many sacred sites such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the temples along the Nile & praying under the tree in Heliopolis where Mary rested with the baby Jesus on her way to Egypt. The many days I spent walking the streets of Jerusalem, Standing on the Mount of Olives & sailing on the sea of Galilee still never quenched my thirst for Him.

As I experienced the joy of being in the country that was the setting of the Christ. Visiting these wonderful places only made the Christ story seem even more real in time. As I walked on the sandy soil where His sandals once left their marks long ago.

It has been in these very sacred moments that I felt a sense of timelessness and wholeness of having a place in the Universe of mattering. On my journey, I was being told Patricia you and only you are creating your own reality.  It was then I made a decision to start shaping my life more the way I wanted it to be and this is when I started to use techniques of creative visualization and affirmations.

I found that by using these techniques my life began to change dramatically. Instead of feeling like a victim, thinking I would just have to make the best of it, I began to understand that we in fact do create our own reality and it was in this understanding I found the truth and the reality I believe God has wanted for each of us.

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