For me, my body began to heal only when I began to understand the laws of my Mind and Spirit. In this knowing one forms a mental attitude towards the truth. It is the Truth which makes one free and it is the mind which knows the Truth. My body was healed as my inner mind began to be transformed; as the old and false images of thought were renewed by images of Truth and Life. As I studied the Power of what our Subconscious Minds can do for us and against us. As I learned the Power of what Positive Thinking could do for me, slowly my life began to change. I became a new person with a new mind!

What all students of these principles come to understand is that once we let go of old thinking (such as I am no good, God is separate from me, Evil has a hold of me, I am in darkness there is no way out) they find as I did that all of these statements are sentences that keep us in bondage. Once they begin to learn the Power of Affirmations and see their lives taking on a better way of life. They thirst for more and more!

We learn that darkness has no power over light and we learn that evil is overcome with good. We learn that the law of cause and effect returns to each of us exactly what is his due. As we give out it will return to us in the same way.

One of my greatest lessons was that God only saw and knew perfection and completion; happiness and satisfaction for me. I was the one who saw the opposite for myself.

The one step that is necessary for each of us on our journey of truth is to start to believe that God is everywhere. Once we become conscious of God or what some call pure spirit, we are made free. It is when we are conscious of a perfect life our bodies become healed.

What this means is, we must become unconscious of the imperfect and work daily to see the perfect alone. The only way we can do this is through the greater unfolding of Reality through our consciousness. By learning the power of our minds and what our minds can do for us!

We can do this contemplating upon plenty, success, abundance, prosperity and happiness. We can do this through affirmations. It is in our demonstration of abundance that each of us draws all the Good in life that God wants us to have.  If we dwells upon lack & limitation we will create the undesired condition.

We must then drop all negative thoughts from the mind. Even when things look bad we must not dwells upon the bad. We must instead see that good things are being done for us right now.

L-E-T is a big word and an important one. Let the power of your thought (which is positive) work your good for you. You do not have to energize your thoughts. Know that God's life flows though that thing, you see in your mind, you feel in your heart. It is his power that brings the real action into your desires and  which culminates into your desired results.

As we begin to meditate, there is no doubt that we are a partner and a co-creator with God.

In my meditations I knew that I was created in the image of God.  In Him there was no division, no separation of humanity. God was an is within each of us.

The solution to our worldly problems (hunger, poverty, environment & injustice) would all be resolved when each man and woman can experience ourselves as one.

My journey began for me when God's mind said look into the mirror and see yourself as my image.  How do I see life? How do I feel? How do I love? How do I create something out of nothing? In my book, Beyond Positive Thinking, I ask you to read my mirror technique! It will change your life.

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