KARMA is something we ourselves create from one life time to another. Every thought, every act rather good or bad creates Karma in our life. The most important thing we need to know is "WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY OR KARMA WITH OUR THOUGHTS.

Often the question of predestination versus free will has always been controversial.  Many people I have come in contact with believe their lives are predestined and controlled by forces outside themselves. Others feel they alone are responsible for all the events and circumstances which surround them.  Some people attribute their good fortunes to free will, yet blame fate or predestination when confronted with difficulties and failure.

After doing thousands of Past Life readings over the past thirty-years I am convinced our lives are governed by developmental cycles which are set in motion at the time of our birth.  We all are born with a basic life-pattern.  Within this unique pattern, we (through whatever good or bad karma built into that pattern) come back into a lifetime to experience the appropriate challenges and growth opportunities (karma) at a specific point in time.   

I believe that when we are confronted with major challenges in our lives we can choose to either learn and grow from them, or we can choose to avoid them.  In which case believe we will come back into life at another time to face them again and again.

Most people find that after receiving their past life readings an understanding about themselves, such as, they are totally responsible for all of the circumstances in their life. They find they are the ones who choose the time and place of their births, activating the overall life-patterns and time schedules to learn the lessons they need.  They find in their readings it is they, more often then not, who chose their parents. 

During the past life readings they find they chose their friends, lovers and enemies, as well as the circumstances such as their cultural, economic and even their political environments.  And, what is so amazing is that we are the ones who seem to set up our new lifetimes so we can learn from them.  But, since we are born with free-will we can also choose not to learn from them, thus again we recycle back to do it all over again.  

We have no idea how negativeity hurts us.  If we jump out of bed each morning cursing the alarm clock, complain about how terrible our breakfast is, get upset about the weather, lose our tempers in heavy traffic on the freeway, continue to complain about our jobs we must know that we are literally creating a worse reality for ourselves.

We need to understand that Karma is everything we think, feel and do. And it is we who can create or erase karma.  This includes the motive, desire and intent behind each thought we have and action.  All of our actions and thoughts generate our personal karmic debts and credits. 

If you help a friend out of compassion without a thought of what is in this for me, including a thank you from that person then you are creating "good karma."  If, on the other hand, you help your friend and when you do, your ego gets pumped up, about how great you are and your friend owes you big time.  Or you give to charity because you need a tax write-off on your tax return.  Then, you are really not giving out of your heart. You could be creating bad karma.

The un-erring law of karma is always adjusting and balancing as a result of your FREE CHOICES, which result in the effects you experience.  When you look at your present life, know that every condition in your life is the result of karma that you have generated up to this very moment.  Your body, weight, health, love life,  relationships, monetary success or lack of success...everything in your life is karmic.

The value of knowing some of your past lives is priceless.  I have found when people get to know a few of their past lives and  learn the details (as to what or whom they were in another life time) they tell me they are much more compassionate towards other people, other cultures and especially other races.  Quite often, I have found that once people  know the source of their fears or weaknesses if can often dissolve the fears. 

One of the most asked questions from people who are having a past life reading is, "Am I with my soul mate?"  Or "Will I meet my soul mate in this life time?"  Other questions that are answered in past life readings are, "Why do I have a certain illness?"  "Why am I so poor?" " Why did I not marry?"  "Why am I heavy or thin?"  The questions are always answered for each person who asks.  I have never found one person who has had a past life reading who hasn't felt a complete feeling of "Ah-hah that is why I am experiencing this kind of life.!" 

Past life readings help you find the purpose(s) of your present life, its place in your incarnation pattern, its growth for your soul and service to others and how best to live now. 

If you would like a past life reading (click here).  If you would like to learn more about past lives you may wish to listen to my "Reincarnation Workshop" and Karma tapes. I promise you these tapes will answer all the questions you have always wanted to know concerning Karma and Reincarnation.  

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With much Love & Light on your souls journey!

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