"The Quest has not changed for centuries.  When it can no longer be denied in one's heart, the Quest for Enlightenment becomes all there is.  The search is extensive, and to some elusive--yet the rewards are incomparable! Patricia Mischell's quest has been full time for more than 30 years, and has not only unraveled life's elusive mysteries, but has formulated the Keys to unlock the Mysteries of the Universe and the greatest puzzles of life.  It is these secrets & mysteries she wishes to share with you through her teachings.

Learn the Tools of Enlightenment, Psychic Development, and Healing by joining the thousands of students all over the world who have taken Patricia Mischell's Teachings & Metaphysical development classes & workshops.

You will love Patricia's down-to-earth inspiration and teachings.  With
little in the way of formal education, she drew upon an abiding belief in
herself and achieved a successful career in business until crippling arthritis
made her virtually an invalid.  It was at this low point that Patricia discovered her own powers of mind and used them to totally recover from her "incurable" condition.

As a result of this experience, Patricia restructured her life.  She embarked upon an intensive study of mind power, including psychic and mystic beliefs. Patricia has since devoted herself to teaching others.  Her methods are simple and easy to understand.  Her style is gentle, warm and colored by a very real sense of humor.

Although she is considered the foremost psychic in the Midwest, Patricia
considers herself first and foremost a teacher.   Patricia has chosen these
special classes which she believes best demonstrate her special calling. "To show ordinary people just how extraordinary they really are."

Now is your time to go beyond what you know---beyond the boundaries of human experience.  Don't miss the most valuable discoveries that awaken your higher mind powers! 

If you are on a spiritual path, this may be your time to experience some of
the most practical and transforming spiritual programs and teachings to be found.  Complete training programs that contain detailed series of releasing techniques, inspirational stories, life-changing exercises, enlightening discussions, numerous healing techniques and intuitive development practice sessions, along with miraculous guided meditations.

All of Patricia's classes come on audio/video tapes & printed material.  



What they will do for you!

Patricia says you are already psychic!  You already have that power within you  to be directed-guided-inspired.  You already have that inner knowing that helps you go in the right direction and take the right course of action. Unfortunately, left undeveloped, you may not know how to get this inborn power to work for you at any time.  These classes will provide self empowering tools and techniques to keep this natural flow of energy open.  You can literally improve any area of your life you desire once you have techniques that help you control your own life and not let life control you.

These classes will not only provide you with tools for practical psychic
development that you can use in your daily life, but give you an understanding of why things happen in your life.  How much control you really have and how much of your own personal power you are giving away to others without realizing it.

What You Will Learn In Patricia Mischell's
 Psychic Development Classes
  • All classes are taught via telephone or in person
  • Exercises to develop your psychic abilities
  • How to read auras
  • Experiments you can do at home
  • Actual hands-on techniques
  • Teacher & student interaction
  • Video, Audio & printed materials
  • Call Patricia Mischell's office for cost and appointments (513) 563-1744

Patricia's Psychic Development Classes are for those people who are ready to....

  • Learn how to use their latent psychic abilities in a greater way
  • Explore a greater awareness of the world around them
  • Develop their natural psychic abilities they were born to use for a better life
  • Develop their true individuality & live a more creative life
  • Open yourself to psychic awareness you can use daily in your life 


  • Learn Intuitive Diagnosis
  • Learn to Read Auras on Humans/Objects & Animals
  • Learn to Do Psychic Readings
  • Merge with Your Higher Self
  • How to communicate with the Deceased
  • Unfold Clairvoyant Ability
  • Techniques For Psychic Protection
  • Tap Your Deep Intuitive Self
  • Learn to Use Psychic Energy
  • How To Use Mental Telepathy
  • How to Use the Power of Your Mind
  • Techniques to Read Auras
  • How to Develop Your Intuition
  • How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities
  • How To Open The Third Eye
  • Chakras & How to Use them
  • How To Meditate to Awaken The Third Eye
  • How to Use Psychometry
  • How to attune to Psychic vibrations

Classes on Reincarnation & Karma

The cycle of rebirth affects each of us.  Who we are today is a result of our
many past lives we have lived.  These classes will answer the questions that
religion and science has not been able to answer.  Knowledge of reincarnation can be a very helpful tool to understanding our present life situations and can help speed up our personal growth.   

Topics include:


  •  What are Soul Mates/Twin Flames
  •  How wisdom erases karma
  • Oversoul awareness of your life plan
  • What is your soul's purpose?
  • Why people are born into certain circumstances
  • How past life memories can cause destructive emotions
  • What the Bible says about reincarnation
  • Its Theory & Interpretation

Classes on Positive Thinking & Self Improvement

These classes will give you brand new conditioning exercises and will provide you with the foundation necessary to create the happy successful life you deserve.  Patricia's classes will teach you how you can develop new high levels of self-confidence and personal power. 

  • Help you to take control of your own mind. 
  • Help you do whatever you do better.
  • Understand yourself and others better. 
  • Learn to listen to your intuition when it tries to tell you something
  • Remove limits you keep placing on yourself
  • Reach for your inner strengths and talents, and make them work for you
  • Control the way you think.
  • Powerful Ways to Dissolve Negative Habits
  • How to Meditate to reach your Higher Self
  • How to use Creative Visualization/Affirmations
  • Learn About Your Subconscious Mind
  • How to use Creative Problem Solving Techniques


  • Learn the energy structures of Healing
  • Learn to Use Healing Energy
  • Energy tools to protect yourself from imbalance and illness
  • How to Become a Healing Channel For Others
  • How to Heal Yourself
  • The Use of Photographs in Healing
  • Prana What it is and How You Can Use It.
  • Learn to Mediate to Become a Much Healthier Person


  • The Art of Astral Projection & How You Can Do It
  • How to Leave Your Body at will
  • Techniques on How to Have an Out of Body Experience.
  • How to contact your SPIRIT GUIDES/ ANGELS
  • How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels


  • Pyramid Energy and its uses
  • Techniques to Expand Your Mind
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