Village of Lockland                                                  Click to Enlarge
Police Department                                                     Lockland_Police.gif (72267 bytes)

Ms. Mischell,

On July 5, 1995 I was assigned to investigate the death of a newborn infant that was found in the garbage at the Lockland Service Garage.  For the past three weeks I have worked attempting to locate the mother of the child with no success.

The Hamilton County Coroner's Office has advised me that they will not permit the baby to be buried until I locate the mother and the person/s responsible for the babies death.  The only other way they will permit burial of the baby is if I am willing to list this as an unsolvable crime.

I was given your name from a police officer in a neighboring community.  I realize that you are very busy and have requests from numerous other police agencies for your help.  This case has had a deep effect on me.  I have worked on trying to locate the mother none stop since July 5th.  I cannot rest until I know that I have done everything I possibly can to solve this case, and give this baby a proper burial.  From what I have heard I believe that you might be able to help me put an end to this investigation.

If you could find the time to see me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration of this matter.  I hope to hear from you.


Lt. Ken Johnson
Lockland Police Dept.

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Village of Higginsport                              
Department of Police                   

Dear Patricia:

I would like to express my many thanks to you for your assistance concerning this missing, James "Tony" Lay.

I strongly feel that through your gift and assistance, Tony was located based upon the information you provided.

Again, many thanks.

Very truly yours

Joseph A. White
Chief of Police

City of Reading, Ohio                                              Click to Enlarge
Police Department                                                     Reading_Police.gif (87125 bytes)

Dear Patricia,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time and effort in assisting us in the investigation of two criminal offenses which occurred recently in the City of Reading.

Our meeting was most enlightening and informative, not only relative to these particular cases, but in the general field of psychic phenomena as well.  We were fascinated by the entire evening and very much impressed with much of what you told us. The information will undoubtedly aid us in narrowing our investigations.

It was evident that you have a very busy schedule, and we sincerely appreciate your having taken the time to talk with us.  As you know, I have become extremely interested in your areas of expertise and hope that we can talk again soon. Thank you again for your help.



Lt. Joel Krauss
Reading Police Department


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