Flip Wilson Goes to Egypt with

Patricia Mischell

I met the very famous comedian Flip Wilson, known to many as Geraldine through a very unusual way.  One of my students had moved to California and began to work for Flip Wilson as his cook.  Jane, Flip's cook, had moved to California to be near her granddaughter.

Jane was on our mailing list and on November 1, 1982 I sent her some information on our up-coming trip to Egypt along with some information about a class on "Successful Church Leadership" at the Dr. Schuller Institute in California that I would be attending.    Jane had laid the information on Flip's coffee table where he found it and read the literature.  After reviewing it he asked Jane to call me and invite me to his home along with my daughter, Cynthia.  Flip Wilson had an interest in Dr. Schuller and had toasted Dr. Schuller. Flip had at our disposal a limo that picked us up daily to take us from Malibu to Dr. Schuller's Institute for study. 

It was during this trip in 1982 that Flip gave me a crystal ball, (which will be explained under "The Atlantean Crystal Ball" site.) The brochure of Egypt that he had reviewed from Jane's mailing was about our scheduled "The Journey of a Lifetime." tour which was being planned for the year 1983.  After my visit with Flip in Malibu in 1982 he and a male companion (who appears in the above slide show) joined us in Egypt.   We will soon have information received on these trips and the prophecy given concerning the Great Pyramid.     Flip Wilson has been my very dearest friend since 1982 until his death on November 25, 1998.  It was my honor to have been blessed by such a wonderful, spiritual being such as he.  I know he is with me during the building of his site and pleased with my web designer, Tina Paisley, who has given so much of her love and devotion to making it what-it-is. 



The slide show you are looking at contains pictures taken of Flip Wilson & myself, during one of my many trips to Egypt.  As you watch the slide show you will see:

  • Flip lying down in a sarcophagus located inside the Kings Chamber of  the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. 

  • A man with whom had traveled to Egypt, and who is also in another slide lying down in the sarcophagus.

  • Patricia Mischell is lying down in the sarcophagus.

  • Maureen Kovich is lying down in the sarcophagus.

  • A picture of Flip, Patricia and the tour group doing a healing on a woman in the King's Chamber.

  • Flip and Patricia, sitting on KLM Airplane getting ready to come back to the United States.

  • Flip and Patricia leaning against the wall of the Great Pyramid getting ready to enter with our group.

  • Flip and Patricia holding his jacket that had an Egyptian picture on it.

  • Flip praying out loud in the Great Pyramid.



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