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Patricia Mischell's Psychic Roots

It seems that my family has come from a long line of visionaries and healers.  Starting with my grandmother who was born with second insight. She told me when she was a little girl she always seemed to know what was going to happen before it happened.   Because of her understanding of this beautiful insight she was able to raise me with a deep, love and understanding that I was, indeed, a child of God and I was here to bring help to many who would come into my life.

The next person with second sight and healing ability is my mother.  I remember on her birthday one year before she opened her birthday gifts she told us what was in each present before she opened them.  She told us of angel stories over the years that inspired us to know about guardian angels and how they can help us.  She told a story about a time in West Virginia where she had gone over a hill during the day to visit one of her relatives and she had forgotten to go home before it was to late.  It was very dark and there was no light for her to find her way through the woods to get home.  She spoke about this beautiful light that shown from the skies and lighted her path all the way home.  Only a supreme being or an angel could have done that. 

When I was born I was born with a veil over my face called a cull.  My grandmother knew I would be a prophet when she saw this.  I too grew up knowing and seeing things only people with a second sight can see. As a child like my mother & grandmother before me I had precognitive dreams.  So often I would awaken knowing something was going to happen to someone. Later in life my dreams became visions as to what would happen in the world. 

One of the things I learned about my psychic abilities was this.  One can be born to be a visionary and a prophet.  Yet if one is going to be able to filter out the negative things in the world so that they can use their gift in a positive way then this only happens when one takes on a life of intensive training of the mind, along with living a meditative life.  Learning to sit in the silence and allowing God to become your teacher.  Today I have learned how to consciously tap into the Akashic records and read the records for those who sit before me.  It is this same intensive psychic studies I now bring to those who wish to tap into their natural abilities and their clairvoyant sight that they, too, were born with.

My life and mission in this earth is to use my psychic abilities to help my clients to lead a more fulfilling life and to teach my students to do the same.   Through my teachings and writings I hope to bring a personal understanding and foresight  to dispel the myth that psychic ability is something you either have or don't have.  My experience and training have taught me that psychic ability is a skill everyone can learn.

My daughter, Rene', when she was a young girl of thirteen was able to tell people things that astounded them.  Yet, as she grew older she did not want to use this gift as I do.  She is a wonderful mother, business woman and author.  She uses her gift on a daily basis for her family.  Also, she has dreams that come to pass!

My daughter, Cynthia, is a wonderful psychic and healer.  She teaches self-development classes.  Her teachings are profound and teach people to empower themselves.  She would rather not use her psychic abilities to read people as I do, but wants to empower people to "be their own psychic." 

My sister, Mary Lou, was a reader as I am for several years.  Then, she too, made the decision she just wanted to be a mother and not do my work.  Her comment one time, "Seeing all I see is sometimes over-whelming."  Thus, she has chosen to do her work in silence.

My sister, Wanda, follows a very religious path.  It is here she feels the Holy Spirit guides her and is led often as to what direction she should go in.  She too, is an author and will be writing a novel this year.

Each of us have used our gifts to aid and heal each other since we were very young.  My mother Gladys, my daughter Cynthia, my sister Wanda have healed me many times over the years of earaches, throat problems & female conditions.  My Grandmother was always laying hands on me as a child for a bronchial condition I was born with.



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