Reading Preparation Form

You will need to contact Patricia Mischell's office to make an appointment,  (513) 563-1744  Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm (EST).  Then fill out the form below and either Fax or Mail in the form at the address or fax number listed below.

If you WILL be sending Photographs or if you prefer to send your Reading Preparation Form via fax or mail,  print out the form below.  Please complete all questions.  Also, include the photos you will be using and mail (or, if you are not including photos), fax it to:

Patricia Mischell  roundbtn.jpg (1239 bytes) 10999 Read Hartman Hwy  roundbtn.jpg (1239 bytes)

  Suite 128Aroundbtn.jpg (1239 bytes) Cincinnati roundbtn.jpg (1239 bytes) Ohio roundbtn.jpg (1239 bytes) 45242

roundbtn.jpg (1239 bytes)   Fax:  (513) 563-1671

When Patricia Mischell receives your photos and questions in advance, she can review them before she talks to you.  This gives you a head start on your appointment.   It also allows for quality time to be spent on your answers and opens up the possibility of more questions being answered in the allotted time.


Sending photographs is optional.  However, it is to your advantage to use them.  If you decide to use photographs they will be returned to you after your session. 

Spirit Communication
If you have decided to have a Spirit Communication, please fill out all of the information pertaining to the person with whom you wish to make contact.  Patricia will attempt to make contact prior to your appointmentThis is a two-way cooperative effort.  Therefore, there are no guarantees Patricia will be able to communicate with the spirit(s) you are trying to contact.  She cannot make someone from the "other side" talk to her. If she cannot make contact, your information will be sent back at no charge to you, and we will cancel your appointment, or you can opt to use your appointment time on the other "Types of Readings"            

If you decide not to fill in the required information for Spirit Communication and instead give Patricia this information on the day of your appointment, you will be charged for the time spent trying to make spirit contact even if no contact is made.  If you are scheduled for a 45-minute session, Patricia will only have time to make about two spirit contacts, or one spirit contact plus a combination of a personal, past life or angel reading.  If you feel you need to have more time than this please call and schedule a 60, 75 or 90 minute session.  The longer your session, the less it costs per minute.

If you decide to fill in the question portion of the form please follow the guidelines.  Please refrain from asking questions such as, "What was my nick name"? OR "What school did I attend when I was nine years old?".  Patricia will give very specific information that only your loved one and you would know, but she cannot control what your loved one will say or remember.  Patricia is communicating through mental telepathy (a series of thoughts and symbols).  The other side does not communicate the same way we do on the earth plane.  Once they have left this world, there are factors that can cause their memory to fade.  If you need further explanation, please call our office (513) 563-1744  Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm (EST).

Name of person having consultation:

I am scheduled for a: 

Spirit Communication Only    Combination Reading

Personal Reading      Past Life Reading 

Angel Reading            Animal Reading      


If you decide to have a combination reading, please check the following reading types for your Combination Reading.  Select ONLY two from the following list.

Personal Reading     Spirit Communication  

Past Life Reading     Angel Reading 

  Animal Reading 


I am receiving my reading:

  In Person  By Phone  By Mail


If you have previously scheduled your appointment by phone or online:

Appointment Date:   

Appointment Time:   

Receipt Number:      

Are you interested in being placed on the waiting list for an earlier appointment? Yes No

Birth Date:       Age:   

Home Phone: 

Work Phone:  

Email Address: 

Phone Number you prefer us to contact you.  Home  Work

I prefer you be discreet when calling.   Yes No

Street Address: 


State:  Zip Code: 

Payment By:   Visa                 Master Card        Discover   

(if you are paying by money order please mail in this form with your payment)

 AM Express   Money Order   Cashiers Check

Card No.:   

Expiration Date:  

Name of Cardholder: 

Please fill out the information about the person whom you are trying to contact.  If you are having a combination reading fill out the information about the person/persons you are asking about as well as animals or objects. 

Name #1: 

Relation to you: 

Birthdate:  Month     Day     Year

Present Age:

For Spirit Communication Only:

Date Deceased: (if known) 

Month    Day   Year  

Age When Deceased: 

Name #2: 

Relation to you: 

Birthdate:   Month  Day

Present Age:   

For Spirit Communication Only:

Date Deceased: (if known) 

Month    Day   Year

Age When Deceased:   

Name #3: 

Relation to you:

Birthdate: Month  Day 

Present Age:

For Spirit Communication Only:

Date Deceased: (if known)    

Month    Day   Year

Age When Deceased: 


To help make your time more efficient, use the space below for an overview of what you would like to discuss with Patricia or for a specific questions you might have. You are not required to give Patricia questions in advance. However, if you want her to be more prepared (so you can get more answered during your session), fill out this section.

Please prioritize your questions so that Patricia can answer the most important ones first in the allotted time.


  If you need additional space for your questions, please use the reverse side of this form.