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A Positively Amazing Turnaround
Local woman is testimony
 to mind power    
by James Pierre
Staff Reporter

     Patricia Mischell believes in the power of the mind.
     The Hartwell resident has overcome the restrictions of arthritis and an eighth grade education to achieve beyond what those restrictions might see to imply.
     "I had to quite my job and to welfare,"  Mischell said of the time she suffered from the disease.  "It was very crippling.  My kids used to push me up the steps.  I couldn't open bottle caps."
 HER LIMITED EDUCATION hasn't prevented her from establishing herself as a recognized parapsychologist and psychic.
     She has been utilized by police departments to solve criminal mysteries and appeared on radio and television talk-shows to offer advice and psychic predictions.  For two years, she appeared on the Bob Braun show as resident psychic.
     Now Mischell has just released her first book on the subject of mind power called "Beyond Positive Thinking" to coincide with the opening of her Positive Living Center in June at 8425 Vine St.  in the Hartwell Shopping Center.
     "I believe my moving from welfare to where I am today is almost astronomical,"  said Mischell from her home in the Williamsburg of Cincinnati apartment complex.
    HER CENTER will stress the aspects of thinking and living that changes lives,  Mischell said.
     The center will house a bookstore that she now operates from her home, be the site of classes in such subjects as yoga, positive thinking and nutrition, a place for weekly speaker's platforms and Sunday sessions of the Hope Ministries which Mischell established in 1976.
     Mischell said she first discovered the hidden powers of the mind when she met a minister who gave her a book on the subconscious mind.  After reading that book, she read another on positive thinking.
     "Then I started using the techniques that were in those books.  I started meditating.  I would visualize myself running and doing other things that I wanted to do.  Then I started putting feelings into my visualizations.  Within six months my arthritis went into remission,"  Mischell said.
     MISCHELL ALSO realized spiritual revelations during the time she made changes in her life, but she said she doesn't mention god a lot in her
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